This Oklahoma State Park is for Animal Lovers

Sequoyah State Park in Oklahoma
Sequoyah State Park in Oklahoma

Set on Ft. Gibson Lake, water and nature enthusiast love this gorgeous state park, which also has a lodge and cottages, as well as RV and tent camping, a golf course, horseback riding and a marina, but what really makes Sequoyah State Park stand out to me is their adorable animals at their Three Forks Nature Center. Here they have a menagerie of rescued animals that can not be rehabilitated to return to the wild, and they are incredible!

Sequoyah’s star residents are Bixby the Beaver and Harry P. Otter, who have achieved internet stardom thanks to videos on the Dodo and the park’s facebook page. The animal kingdom’s Odd Couple, these best buddies came to the park separately. Bixby was found as a baby when his dam was destroyed and after his siblings passed, attached to his caretakers, ensuring he would not be allowed to return safely to the wild. A grumpy guy who loves visitors and thinks himself more of a lap beaver, he’ll happily meet you to say hello when you visit. His roommate, Harry P. Otter, was born into domestication, but since wild animals aren’t really suppose to be pets, he was overindulged in bad/wrong foods, resulting in him being overweight and his little legs not forming correctly. Rehabilitation has improved his life dramatically, but he’s now a fairly normal, playful otter, always looking for a good time, and fish! I could literally watch these guys for hours, and even returning home I still get excited when a new video is released online!

While the Nature Center has other animals, Blueberry the bobcat is my favorite! Born and raised in captivity as a pet, he was surrendered when he became too big, a fate that happens to most wild animals. A local rehabilitator rescued him and he has now found a home at Sequoyah State Park! The first thing you’ll notice about Blueberry is that he does indeed meow when you come to visit him, just like a house cat! I had no idea that bobcats meowed! He really loves attention!

Other residents include Wylie Coyote and an older fox named Ike.

The state park has so many other reasons to make this a great Summer Getaway! The resort has over 100 rooms, and there are 45 cottages, some even allow pets! They have a restaurant, Foggy Bottoms with a cute gift store and a pool.

Waterfront camping sites offer you some gorgeous views of Fort Gibson Lake, and the full service marina offers boat rentals for a fun weekend on the lake! There is also a swim beach.

Sequoyah State Park

17131 Park 10, Hulbert, OK

Click HERE to visit their website.

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