10 Hints for visiting Magnolia Market, Waco

Waco has gone from a cute little college town to an international tourist attraction in under 10 years, thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s Fixer Upper!  During our last visit, we met people from all over the country and world who have come to Waco just to shop at the Silos!  While this does make it a busy place to be, especially on a Saturday (the market is closed on Sunday), here are some hints for making your visit a breeze!

We visited on a busy, beautiful Spring Saturday afternoon, the busiest time at the Magnolia!  Hopefully these photos give you a real-life expectation as to the crowds, which are completely manageable, and some hints as to how to avoid them!


1. For the Early Bird

Weekdays are MUCH better than weekends, but it’s a big place, so even when it’s crowded it doesn’t really feel that crowded. The crowds get bigger as the day goes on, so try to arrive early.

Magnolia Table over on the Waco Traffic Circle opens at 6am for breakfast.   The line usually starts forming about 7:30, and by lunch there is usually a 4 hour wait, which makes breakfast a WINNER!  The FREE trolley begins running at 9am to Magnolia Market.

Magnolia Market opens at 9am.


2. Parking 

The First Baptist Church’s parking lot, located right next door, is $10/car, but the Market’s parking lot is FREE on 8th Street.  Head in through the back gate, towards the big white silos!

The Silo’s District Trolley is FREE, and there are plenty of places to park.  Click HERE to check out the Magnolia’s parking map, which is one of the best maps of Waco I’ve seen, even if you already know where to park.

I love the trolleys, BUT if you’re more of a BUYER than a shopper, and there are plenty of other places to visit in walking distance of Magnolia Market, try to find something in either the FREE lots or pay the $10 at the church, so you can drop off your bags (hide them, too, just in case).

If you park at the FBC’s parking lot, run across the street and ask if you can look inside at the big, stain-glassed dome!  It’s just a gorgeous church!

DSC_14793.  What to do first? 

It’s a big and busy place, and I remember getting a little overwhelmed on my first visit…… What do I do first?  If you’re visiting on a hot summer day, do the outside things first!

The lines at Silos Baking Company get busy, so jump in that line, it’s usually already stretched around the corner, but it moves pretty quickly.   The Shiplap is my favorite!

Taken before Covid-19

4. Shopping

I’m not a big décor shopper, but some of my favorites are:

  • t-shirts –  start about $25, and they have a good selection of comfy tees, too!
  • metal signs – I’m a Word Art fan!
  • Signature Candle Collection – pricey but I LOVE the linen!

If you just want to bring a little of Joanna’s style into your home, be sure to look for the numerous items inside that look like shiplap, one of her favorite things!

Dogs are allowed inside the shop, too!

Prices tend to run a little high, so check the prices in their online shop to avoid sticker shock!  There are plenty of cute little items stamped with Magnolia to remember your visit that won’t set up back too much!


5. Cashiers

Like all the employees at Magnolia, they are all efficient and friendly!  Lines move quickly, but a little more quickly downstairs.

6. Restrooms

On weekends, there is always a line for the ladies restrooms, inside and out, while the men’s restroom seems to be growing spider webs.  I think as women we just want to know what Joanna Gaines’ restroom looks like.  But to limit your time in line as much as possible, try to go before go, especially if you’re potty training your little shopping buddy.


7.  The Yard

Grab one of the comfy bean-bag type chairs to chill on the big (fake) grass yard!  No bugs, and no dogs allowed, here!

But there are tubs filled with activities for the kids!  My son spent a couple of hours playing here, while we tag-teamed watching him and shopping!

Don’t even think twice about bringing your child!  It’s INCREDIBLY CHILD FRIENDLY!!!  The Gaines’ have a ton of kids, why would they make a play that wasn’t for the entire family?


8.  The Food Trucks

There are about 12 different food trucks there everyday, and the lines are never TOO bad, unless you’re wanting Alabama Sweet Tea! 


I said I was only going to stand in line for tea so I could say I actually stood in line for 20 minutes for a glass of tea!

My funny story happens as I was standing in line, about to order.  A man comes over and offers to buy my 2 teas if I’ll order 3, and hands me, a complete stranger, his credit card!  So I stood 20 minutes in line for FREE tea!

P.S. All they sell is tea, and it’s $8.00/glass.  You do get to keep the glass!  $2 refills.  They probably sell a thousand glasses a day.   Forget lemonade, go buy your kid a tea stand and put them to work!


9.  Sit Back and Relax

There are plenty of tables and cool seating options all over to just sit back, talk and enjoy the day.  The Silos are not a place where you are suppose to rush.  Honestly, something about the place just brings out the good mood in people, crowds and all.  Take time to sit back and chat with a stranger!


10.  Magnolia Seed Supply

I saved the best for last!  I love the garden area!  I never leave without taking at least a little inspiration with me!

Bonus Tip: 

After your visit, walk a block down to the Findery!  It’s another of our favorite shops in Waco!  Click HERE to visit their website.

More Things To Do in Waco


Homestead Craft Village is a unique shopping experience in Waco.  Open daily but with special activities such as wagon rides on Saturdays for kids.  Click HERE to read more.

The 1870 Waco Suspension Bridge is a pedestrian bridge across the Brazos River, which has been in use since the cattle drives!  Click HERE to read more.

The Dr. Pepper Museum (one block over) offers a look at the history of this iconic Texas soda, a tour of the old bottling plant, and a fun, interactive kid’s science show!  Click  HERE to read more.


Magnolia Table is the newest of the Gaines properties, which opened Feb. 2018 and is a popular place to visit.  Open daily from 6-3, they quit taking names when the line reaches 4 hrs., so the best advice is to arrive EARLY!  The FREE trolley runs from Magnolia Table to Magnolia Market!  Click HERE to visit their website.


The Waco hotel businesss hasn’t caught up with the town’s tourist boom, which can easily exceed 30,000 a weekend, so make room reservations early and always read the hotel reviews.  We love the Hotel Indigo in town, in walking distance of Magnolia Market, and Moon River Ranch if you want to be out of town.  Click HERE to visit their website.

Magnolia Market

601 Webster Ave., Waco

Click HERE to visit their website.

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