Historic Downtown Grapevine’s Night Watchman Ghost Tour

While I’ll always love summer the most, one of the things I look forward to each fall is the fun little tickle you get on the back of your neck with a good scare!  I’m not into blood and gore, but I’m all for a fun ghost story, if for nothing more than learning the history of the town, getting a few good laughs, and the noticeably quicken pace on the way to our car!

My daughter loves them as much as me, and we were excited to take the Night Watchman Ghost Tour in Grapevine!  As promised, it was a great time as we walked along the historic streets!  A tour is only as good as it’s guide, and our guide was so friendly and personable, asking each of us our own ghost experiences and beliefs as we walked along, then somewhat customizing the tour to fit our expectations!

We had plenty of time to talk and laugh, and take pictures of what we hoped would make believers of us all!  It’s a great tour for friends and families!


The Night Watchman’s Ghost Tours begin at the Grapevine Springs Winery, and your ticket includes a glass of wine.  I suggest the Night Watchman Red, just to get you in the spirit.  Underage tour-goers can enjoy a glass of grape juice! The tours are offered Friday and Saturday Nights, and you can purchase your ticket on an online reservation. Reserve early as they often sell out quickly!


Downtown is filled with fun statues, like the kids playing on roller skates or the young lovers in front of the Grapevine Vintage Railroad Depot!  This one is known as the Sidewalk Judge, and is a reference to the Grapevine Oldtimers who once sat along Main Street.  This was one of our first stops on the tour, as we were told a few stories of the “old-timers” who still keep an eye out on their beloved town, even from beyond the grave!

Historic Downtown Grapevine

The Torian Cabin was built in 1845, and is the oldest building in Tarrant County.  It was relocated to Downtown Grapevine, but many believe a few of it’s former residents moved, also!


Meet the Night Watchman, who was once the town’s only keeper of the peace. He is represented atop this building, and similar statues were presented to Grapevine’s sister cities; Krems, Austria and Parras de la Fuente in Mexico.

The Night Watchman is rumored to still patrol the streets of Grapevine after the lights go out, and the light from his lantern is often seen floating in a few familiar places!


The Palace Theater has it’s own “caretaker” ghost, and she’s very specific about the care of the 1939 Theater!


During Grapevine’s early years, the Night Watchman would often lock away those breaking the law in the town’s little calaboose, or jail!  It’s left unlocked, and during the day people go inside for pictures, but after the story we heard, no one would dare in the dark of the night.  It is one of the Night Watchman’s most seen locations!


One of the most haunted homes in Grapevine, we spent a good deal of time here, hoping to see a face in the upper window!  This was great for a few goosebumps, even from a skeptic such as myself!


If you’ve never seen the Gun fight in the Grapevine Clock Tower, it happens several times a day, and there are several different endings, so you never know which one you might see!

These are just a few of the fun stories that were shared with us during our tour, which was lighthearted and enjoyable!  The tours last about 1.5 – 2 hours, and we walked quite a bit, so I’d recommend a drink and comfortable shoes!

If you love Ghost Tours, or just want to learn much more about the history of Grapevine, then it’s a MUST!

Know Before You Go

The tour would be completely suitable for younger children, although we only had one on our tour.  However, Main Street is BUSY on weekends, and you’ll need to keep a close eye on them!

Remember that gratuities are not included in the price of the ticket, and it’s considered appropriate to tip your guide!  I’m always confused on how much to tip, but the website Smart Traveler suggest giving 10%-20% of the ticket price, per person.  And if you use a promo code, coupon or groupon, be sure to tip off the original amount of the ticket.

Things to do in Grapevine


Experience the Grapevine Vintage Railroad on a day trip to the Stockyard Stations, Wine Train in the Spring, North Pole Express or new this year, Witch’s Brew Train! 


While in Downtown, we love Big Fish Seafood Grill and Esparza’s Restaurante Mexicano with a big outdoor patio far enough off Main Street you can see the light but the noise is muffled!


Marriott’s Hotel Vin is the newest addition to Downtown Grapevine!

The Night Watchman Ghost Tour

409 S. Main St., Grapevine

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