Moody Mansion, Galveston

Galveston is graced with some of the most beautiful, old homes in the state! The Moody Mansion, built in 1895, is one of the grandest! It is open daily for self-guided tours of the home and grounds.

Around Texas you are likely to hear the name Moody. The wealthy family has been a philanthropic asset to the state. Knowing a little more about the family deepens your appreciation for this beautiful home.

The home was purchased by the Moody Family just following the Great Storm of 1900, and stayed in the family until 1986. A tour of the home is not just to view the architecture and furnishings, but also a peak into the life of a powerful Texas family at the turn of the century!

Our most recent visit was during a Girl’s Trip to Galveston!

On our last visit, I don’t think I even got my husband out of the garage.

At 28,000 square feet, the entire home is not on display, but most of it is. It is completely decorated.

An audio tour of the home gives you information about the home and the Moody’s lives, as the tour is told first person from the standpoint of several different family members, so each tour is a little unique.

If you are touring with children, keep a close eye on them, as many of the antiques are more valuable than my car

Know Before You Go

They do offer group and AAA discounts.

The basement of the Moody Mansion is also home to the Galveston Children’s Museum.

The guides, most of which are docents, are more than happy to tell you more information about the home, so don’t be shy! It really does have an incredible history!

For more information on historic homes in Galveston, visit Galveston Historic Home Tours.

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 Moody Mansion 

2618 Broadway Ave J, Galveston

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