Sirena Park and the Legend of Sirena the Indian Mermaid in Salado

I love local legends, and the one of Sirena, a beautiful Indian maiden, and her unrequited love of an Indian brave.  Crying by the river, a magical catfish overheard her and said he could make the brave love her if she agreed to be a mermaid each full moon for a year, however, if a human ever saw her as a mermaid, she would have to remain a mermaid forever.  Of course, she was soon married, but before the year was out, she was seen and sentenced to remain a mermaid, and it is her tears that continue to flow through the springs.

Sirena Park on Salado Creek

Each year, the Village of Salado host a fun Sirena Festival for mermaid lovers!  A bronze statue of Sirena was set in the Salado Creek in 2009, but subsequent floods caused damage and it was placed on higher ground near the creek!

I didn’t know any of this when we visited, it just looked like a great place to let the kids play in the water for a bit.

Sirena Park on Salado Creek

Cold springs still flow into the creek, making for a fun and FREE place to cool off during hot summer days!

We weren’t looking, but I’m going to say this is probably a great place to look for shark teeth, too.

Sirena Park on Salado Creek

The springs are located on the opposite side of the bridge from the little dam and Sirena statue.  It’s very rocky so take water shoes.

Sirena Park on Salado Creek

There is FREE parking in the park.  The water is chilly and very clear.  On our stop, there was even a snowcone truck at the park!

Sirena Park on Salado Creek

We met a little guy who built this rock tower.

Sirena Park on Salado Creek

It’s a fun place to stop and let the kids cool off and run off some energy on a road trip, but Salado and surrounding area is also a great place to spend a day or even a weekend, with cute shops and restaurants!

That road behind the kids is I-35, that’s how convenient this little park is to stop off and play!

Sirena Park on Salado Creek

Here she is!  Sirena and the catfish!  I would have loved to have seen this out in the middle of the creek!

There isn’t an address to the park, but your GPS will probably pick up Sirena Statue in Salado.  Otherwise, head downtown and there is parking for the creek all around Downtown.

Sirena Park on Salado Creek

After playing in the creek, we headed up the bank to Downtown Salado to grab some ice cream at the Sugar Shack Candy Shop!

Sirena Park on Salado Creek

Things To Do in Salado

Salado is such a fun little village, and reminds me of a smaller Fredericksburg, without the crowds!  There are over 60 shops and galleries in downtown, restaurants and several great B&B’s!


Check out the Chupacabre Craft Beer and Salado Lone Star Winery with a big, dog-friendly patio!

Old Fashioned Burgers and Ice Cream is a always a win in Salado!

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