Rogue Brick Builders Lounge, Fort Worth

We are just head over heals for this new place we found in Fort Worth, a place to just go and build with their Legos!  We had so much fun!  It’s much more than just a toy store!


We spent hours here, and my son is already begging to go back!  Your day pass allows you to come and go, as well, so you can run next door to Cici’s, or any of the many other nearby restaurants, and come back to play!


They sell Legos sets in the front, but the rest of the store is dedicated to play!  The store also purchases Legos, so I’m thinking we might sell some of our giant tubs of them and just buy a monthly membership so he can play with them there!


They have seating for parents, and not just regular Lego blocks, but larger blocks, too!


With tables of scattered Legos, as well as bins full of specific ones, visitors are just limited by their imagination as to what they can build!  They even have suggestions and books filled with building prompts!


There’s definitely something there for all ages!  They also host birthday parties, as well as special events and movie screenings


The boys had so much fun free-building!


We moms were even inspired to build, and had so much fun with this giant Lego ring!


 Rogue Brick Builders Lounge

5509 S Hulen St., Fort Worth

Click HERE to visit their website.

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