10 Best Scouting Overnights in Texas

Scouting offers so many amazing opportunities for kids and their families, but one of the often overlooked ones is Scout Overnights!  Many of the favorite fun destinations in Texas also offer educational overnights for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts!  We’ve loved traveling with our scout family, and making incredible memories!  Here’s a round-up of our favorites after 10 years of scouting!

cimg03441. SeaWorld, San Antonio

One of our very favorites, scouts get a dedicated guide to tour them through the park, backstage at the shows and make crafts.  Scouts can choose one of 3 different areas to sleep.  We stayed with the penguins and loved watching as the artificial sun rose to wake them up!  The behind-the-scene tour the next morning is worth the additional money! Click HERE for more information.


Image courtesy of Fossil Rim

2. Fossil Rim, Glen Rose


Stay in a tent or in one of the bunkhouses at this drive-thru animal park!  Scouts can take a guided tour, meet the park veterinarians, hike and choose 3 activities such as  stargazing, fossil hunting, and much more!  Make smores around a campfire before settling in for the evening.  Click HERE for more information.


Image Courtesy of the U.S.S. Lexington

3.  U.S.S. Lexington, Corpus Christi


Sleep aboard the ship, learn about the lives of the men who lived here, and hear the stories of the ghost who remain, as well as a movie, meals in the chow line and much more! Click HERE for more information.

rimg03064.  Texas State Aquarium, Corpus Christi

Spend the day touring the aquarium, feeding the stingrays and watching the dolphin show, then after the aquarium closes scouts will enjoy a guided tour and can sleep under the shark tank!  Click HERE for more information.

nasa-25. Space Center Houston

Arrive after the center closes to dinner and break out sessions where scouts will build a robot, shoot off rockets and learn how to program a rover, then sleep surrounded by the space exhibits and take a tram tour in the morning of the NASA Control Room.  Click HERE for more information.

cimg14256.  Dallas Zoo

Sleep in safari tents in the Wilds of Africa, near the gorillas and new hippopotamus exhibit. Click HERE for more information.


Image courtesy of Houston Museum of Natural Science

7. Houston Museum of Natural Science


Tour the museum and watch a show at the Burke Baker Planetarium, then go to sleep surrounded by the exhibits.  Enjoy a day at the museum in the morning.  Click HERE for more information.

18527858_1727353540611585_3670908486298110580_n8.  Airhogs Baseball Game at Quik Trip Park, Grand Prairie 

Many of the minor league teams have scout sleepovers, but this is our favorite!  Scouts will enjoy activities all night, such as archery, baseball and cooling off in the stadiums swimming pool after the game!  Click HERE for more information.

rimg0139.jpg9. U.S.S. Stewart Submarine

Part of the American Undersea Warfare Center at Seawolf Park, the U.S.S. Stewart is a World War II submarine.  Scouts will enjoy several activities, and can fish at Seawolf Park the next day!  Click HERE for more information.


Image Courtesy of Pioneer Farms

10.  Pioneer Farms, Austin


Camp under the stars at this historical park in Austin. Campers can choose from several different activities.  Click HERE for more information.