Dash Beardsley’s Ghost Tours of Galveston

If you only think of visiting Galveston Island for the beaches, then you’re missing over half of all that the island has to offer!  Galveston also offers shopping, dining, almost never-ending festivals and tours of the past and present island.  Once the largest city in Texas, it has a beautiful and a tragic history, which has left it today as one of the most haunted towns in the United States.

Dash Beardsley offers year round Ghost Tours of Galveston, including a tour of the Historic Strand District, a fun tour that is equal parts history and ghost stories, is his most popular and fun for families.  He also offers a Restless Spirits Tour for more mature audiences, as well as a Secret Society Cemetery Tour!

Thanks to Dash and Ghost of Galveston for inviting us out for a tour!  We had an incredible time, and I was not financially compensated for my visit.  As always, all opinions are my own!

As I say so often during the writing of these articles, learn from my “experiences”.  Leave yourself plenty of time to eat before your tour, and do eat!  It’s a little over a 2 hour tour.  We stopped at Yaga Cafe, which we love, with what I thought was plenty of time, but we ended up having to grab our food to go so we weren’t late!  I was a little distracted by the smell of my chicken and pepperoni, as well as my growling stomach, during the tour!

Here’s a tip, don’t miss getting a picture outside Yaga Cafe at Saengerfest Park of the big “Welcome to Galveston” mural!


We met up with the tour in front of the Galveston Railroad Museum, where we heard stories of the history of Galveston, and those stories of many of the Ghost that still live here.  Galveston loves their Ghost, and you’ll find that almost every building, old and new, has at least one, and they all have stories to tell!

Ghost Tour crowds are usually fun people, and we had lots of laughs, too!  We were asked early on how many of us were skeptics, and who were believers, and it was about half and half!

I admit to being a very “open-minded” skeptic.  I’d be thrilled to see something that converted me, but not really expecting it to happen…

We walked along the Strand, stopping at various buildings to hear their stories, take pictures and possibly see something!


You’re ENCOURAGED to take tons of pictures, because, according to our guide, many times the camera can catch something you don’t see with your own eyes.  I like this picture, which has what seems to be a thin white outline of 2 people standing on the steps!  It’s on all my pictures, and while I tend to think it’s our reflection in the window, who knows…


We stopped in at Mysticatz, an estate jewelry store that also sells rocks and crystals and unique gifts.

The owners, Cathy and Mike, had stayed open and welcomed us in to tell us a little about their resident ghost, which they have captured both on the shops security cameras and on recordings!  Mysticatz’s facebook page shares articles as well as some of those time-lapse videos, so click HERE to check it out!


I admit to enjoying Ghost Tours mainly for the history, and the Original Ghost Tour on the Strand was exactly what I wanted, to hear more about the history, with some fun ghost stories.  As much fun as the Strand is during the day, it’s even more fun at night!


Our tour ran a little long, and we ended the evening at the Tremont Hotel, just down from the brightly lit Boone Powell Mardi Gras Arch!  The Tremont is the only hotel in the Downtown Area, and has it’s share of Ghost, too!  During our tour, we learned about Sam, a one-time salesman who now resides along the 4th floor!

There are so many other fun stories, on the Strand and elsewhere around the island!  Our tour was terrific!  Not too big and rather festive, much like Galveston!

Afterwards, we headed over to Walmart, because my husband needed an aspirin.  Sounds pretty unspectacular, unless you know the history of the Galveston Walmart, and why it closes at midnight, and why on each September 8th all around the world the members of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word sing the old French hymn, “Queen of the Waves”.

Haunted Galveston

Ghost Tour of Galveston was part of our Haunted Galveston Weekend, and we had a blast exploring the more haunted tales of the Island!

If you do your own tour, be sure and use the hashtag #hauntedgalveston on your Instagram post, or just go check them out!

Know Before You Go

You’re walking a little over a mile, and standing a lot, so wear comfortable shoes.

In addition to your camera, bring some cash to tip your guide!

Bring a bottle of water with you during the tour, and they do stop for a few minutes for a restroom break where you can purchase a drink.

Parking is all along the Strand.  If you’re planning to make a full day of it, visit the Galveston Railroad Museum and pay $5 parking in their lot.  Click HERE to read more about the Galveston Railroad Museum!

Things To Do in Galveston


For more fun things to do on The Strand, click HERE.


During our Haunted Galveston weekend, we stayed at the Hotel Galvez, which claims to have a ghost that inhabits the 5th floor. Click HERE to read more.

Dash Beardsley’s Ghost Tours of Galveston

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