Our Spooky Texas Weekend at The Gas Station from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Bastrop

We just returned from what I’ve named our “Spooky Texas Weekend”, and we had a terrifyingly terrific time!  I had read about The Gas Station, one of the buildings used in the filming of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and that it was open as a restaurant and cabins!  While I had never seen the movie, I knew my husband would love it!


Sitting on a little 2-lane country road outside Bastrop, we found The Gas Station, and looks almost just like it did in the movie!


Inside the store, it’s filled with souvenirs from the movie, plus more scary stuff like mask, posters and more!

Now, I had told our 9-year-old that we were planning to go to a “haunted house”, this weekend, but never really told him much more.  He was a little shocked when we walked inside to all this, but it was no different than a Halloween costume store!  He’s always been fearless, with a great understanding of what’s real and what’s fake.


They have a good selection of t-shirts, too!


Once we were checked in had our keys, we ran around outside to get a better look at things, and see our cabins!

This old van looks almost just like the one in the movie!


They have 4 small, one room cabins, a shared bathroom and shower house, and a big covered area for guest in the back!  There is also a fire ring and movie screen for outdoor movies!


While making our reservations, I had visions of someone running around outside with a chain saw! To my relief of my son, there isn’t really anything spooky about the cabins!  They have four, and one is handicap accessible.


Sorry for the blurry picture, I was literally balancing on one leg, holding the kids back while I took this picture.  Moments later, their KID STUFF (clothes, books, toys, etc) seemed to explode all over the beds!

The rooms are clean, and the red walls aren’t really as macabre as the above picture might lead you to believe.

Each cabin had a 42″ television and dvd player.  There isn’t cable, so you are limited to just movies.  They have a ton of horror movies you can watch, including Texas Chainsaw Massacre!  If you want something more family friendly, BYOM, Bring Your Own Movie!  We brought the Scooby Doo movies for my son.

Image courtesy of Barton Hill Farms
Now we were ready to get lost in the corn!  The Barton Hill Farm Corn Maze that is!  It’s one of our favorite mazes, and just 13 minutes away from The Gas Station!  The farm, which sits on the banks of the Colorado River, also has a big pumpkin patch, games and activities for the entire family!  Click HERE to read more about it!

Just as in the movie, The Gas Station sells BBQ, and when we returned, we were STARVING!  Like a pack of wild animals, we attacked 2 lbs of brisket, potato salad, beans and all the fixins that came with it!  The brisket was moist and tender, (and looked like cow?) but you’ll never know because I forgot to take a picture!  Priorities!!!


And minutes later in walks Edwin Neal, the actor from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre!  He played the hitchhiker that they picked up at the beginning of the movie!  In the movie, he was SO creepy that I tried to watch it, but turned it off after he got out of the van!  Here in The Gas Station, he was the nicest guy, and entertained my son with lots of fun voices, who loved it!  Turns out, he does a lot of voice acting now, as well as horror movies!  He lives in Houston, and was in Bastrop for the CultClassicConvention being held the next weekend at the Bastrop Convention Center.  Click HERE to visit their facebook page.


With full and happy bellies, we jumped back in the car as the sun was getting ready to set and drove about 4 miles down the road to Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park!  It was incredible!  I literally RAN SCREAMING out of one of the haunted houses!  They also have a cafe, live music and crazy costumed creeps just dying to pose for a selfie with you!  We loved it!  To read more about Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park, click HERE!

We returned to our cabin late at night, and after that place, a cabin all alone on a desolate Texas highway with a history of horror didn’t seem frightening at all!

Just kidding.


We awoke Sunday morning to find the cabin surrounded by a very thick fog!


With the kids still asleep, I snuck out to get some pictures.


This is the frame for the movie.  They had played The Burbs on Saturday Night.


We had such a great time at The Gas Station!  For more nearby locations from the movie, click HERE to visit Then Now Movie Locations.

I thought the fog would make for some beautiful pictures out at Bastrop State Park, and we wanted to take an early hike at the park, 9 miles away.  The beautiful park has had so much damage in recent years, from fire and flooding.  Recently, the park flooded from Hurricane Harvey and there was still quite a bit of damage.  Click HERE to read more.


Starving, we made a bee-line to Downtown Bastrop and Maxine’s on Main Street, for a terrific home-cooking breakfast!  I love Downtown Bastrop, and we had fun window shopping along Main Street, before heading down to the Colorado River.  Many of the shops and restaurants back up to the river, such as Neighbors Kitchen and Yard, with huge patio,  Larryland Music, Coopershot Distillery and Bastrop River Company, which offers shuttles to canoe, paddleboard or even tube the river!

We loved our weekend in Bastrop, which doesn’t have to be scary at all!



The Gas Station  

1073 SH 304, Bastrop

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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