Witch Mountain, Cedar Hill

Do you love a good ghost story?  As with any good tale, there are many variations, but most of the reports from people who have encountered the witch are of those hiking on the mountain, usually in the late evening, when they encounter the spirit of a young girl.  The girl tries to lead them to an eerie, illuminated cabin on the top of the mountain, one that isn’t visible during the light of day.

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Spooky, huh?

Most of these tales happened before the construction of Joe Pool Lake, and before a community of nice homes surrounds the mountain.  After reading about it, I asked my husband, who grew up nearby and remembered kids from Mansfield, Arlington and nearby areas going out to the mountain at night to see the lights!  While it was hard to find directions online, he knew exactly where I should go.

For me, the biggest mystery is why he’s never mentioned it before!

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We loaded up one morning and headed out with his directions.  Going through Cedar Hill, we headed up into a nice neighborhood of homes overlooking the lake.  After missing a few turns, we found the old cemetery my husband told me about, at the base of the mountain, now literally backing up to homes and a soccer field.

The cemetery is located on Old Texas Plume Road, west of Lake Ridge Parkway.

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During the light of day, it didn’t seem very frightening, but we parked the car and went inside the gates to look at the oldest graves, dating all the way back to the mid-1800’s.

My kids are use to my obsession with old cemeteries.

From the cemetery, at the base of the mountain, it’s easy to look up through the forest of cedar and juniper trees and imagine how this area looked in 1850, but once we left the cemetery, we were back in the neighborhood and headed up a paved road to the top of the mountain.

2017-09-16 19.18.17

We reached Lorch Park, now a 86 acre Nature Preserve with a parking lot, 2.5 mile hiking trail, 5 acre lake and disc golf course.  We took a walk along the trails, which are lovely but no cabin was in sight, which proves the story must be true, right?

2017-09-16 19.19.19

The park and trails are only open from sunup to sundown, not giving you much of a chance to see anything after dark.  But it might be a fun drive past the park on a moonless night to see if you can spot the cabin’s light twinkling in the distance!

Lorch Park is located at 1823 Texas Plume.  Click HERE to visit their website.

Know Before You Go

Take plenty of water.

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