A Weekend at Rockwall Harbor, Rockwall

Like death, there are 7 stages to the acceptance that summer is over.

Denial, such as when I refuse to buy back to school clothes, and spend all the budget on swimwear.

The Guilt that we didn’t do enough!  There’s still 79 Things to do on my Summer Bucket List. Seriously.

Anger.   It’s the feeling you get when your friends start posting “Pumpkin Spice Everything” and it’s still August!

I was REALLY lost in #4 last week.  DEPRESSION.  Because no matter how many times I stomp my feet, I know the calendar is still going to change to September in a few days.

But this weekend, with the help of a relaxing trip to Rockwall Harbor, I made the turn towards ACCEPTANCE.

And I really DO like Pumpkin Spice.

Anyway, check out our very short, great weekend in Rockwall!  I still can’t believe that this fun Harbor is just 30 minutes from Downtown Dallas!  Even my husband said he felt more like we were out on the coast!  We had an incredible time, in spite of the rain ALL WEEKEND, and while there are a few things we didn’t get to do, I can always add them to my 2018 Summer Bucket List!


Hilton Rockwall Lakefront Hotel

Named the Official Best Waterfront Hotel in Texas for 2016, the Hilton Rockwall Lakefront will have you forgetting that you are only 20 minutes from Downtown Dallas!

In addition to a great rooms, awesome staff and a beautiful location, this is the BEST smelling hotel I have ever been in.  My family think it’s crazy that I noticed that, but I’m telling you, it SMELLS AMAZING.  Not one room, scentsy-amazing, the entire hotel; guest rooms, elevator, restrooms, even the restaurant and bar.  Go smell for yourself!

Click HERE to visit their website.


The pool area is absolutely incredible, too, although my picture doesn’t do it justice!

Image Courtesy of Hilton Rockwall Lakefront
Another thing I loved about the pool is the zero depth handicap entry.  It stretches around the back of the building, and while the kids loved to play there, it’s so much nicer than the lift.

CIMG0043.JPGThe Lighthouse

From the pool area, a gate will take you down to the Harbor Pier and Lighthouse, and then to the fountains and Harbor at Rockwall Shopping Area!  We enjoyed walking around the pier and just enjoying being on the water, between rain showers!  Although we didn’t take a cruise, there are a few option of ways to get out on the lake!


Sail With Scott

Take a dinner cruise on the Seawolf, a “beautiful 40-foot-long by 25-foot-wide sailing catamaran, hand-built of beautiful Spanish cedar”.  The Seaworf leaves from Rockwall Harbor.  Click HERE for more information.

Big D Catamarans

Another cruise that leaves from Rockwall Harbor is Big D Catamarans!  Choose from dinner cruises or a moonlight cruise.  Click HERE to read more.

Suntex Watersports

If you want to get out on the water, Suntex Sports rents boats, just a short drive from Rockwall Harbor.  Click HERE to visit their website.


Boats can come into the harbor and tie off during the day to eat and shop!


Love Locks

Aw, love locks!  Usually associated with the Pont Des Arts Bridge in Paris, which had so many locks it was causing irreversible damage.  The tradition holds that you write your names on a lock, and throw the key in the water, forever locking in your love. Today, there are tons of websites where you can purchase engraved love locks, many in the shape of hearts.  I particularly like this “family love lock” I found!  Click HERE to read more about the history of Lock Locks.


The Harbor has a beautiful Mediterranean feel to it.  El Potrillo de la Sandia offered yummy tacos and margaritas overlooking the fountains as we caught a break from the showers.


The Fountains

A big, interactive spray area lets kids run and play!  It’s located adjacent to a big lawn overlooking the harbor.  Apparently, the fountains are even more fun in the rain, because my son had a blast!


During the summer, they have live music here on Thursday evenings!


The walkways around the fountains are beautiful!

Mellow Mushroom

While there are several restaurants, my daughter loves Mellow Mushroom, and the fun one here in Rockwall is her favorite!  We made the drive over for dinner, then headed back to watch a movie!



The huge Cinemark is located right in the Harbors at Rockwall!  They offer reserved seating, too!  Click HERE to visit their website.



Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

From chocolate dipped twinkies, my son’s favorite to caramel and chocolate covered apples and strawberries, this place was just dangerous!  To make matters worse, they are open LATE on the weekends, like 11pm on Saturday night!

The next morning, we were given a couple of recommendations for breakfast in Historic Downtown Rockwall, namely the Route 66 Classic Diner and the Fatted Calf.   Just based on the name alone, my little carnivores chose the Fatted Calf, and we had an incredible brunch!  Click HERE to see their menu.    For more fun things to do in Historic Downtown Rockwall, including the Farmers Market on Saturdays, click HERE.

Bass Pro Shops, Garland

As the rain started coming down in buckets, we drove over the bridge into Garland and ran into Bass Pro Shops!  The kids had fun playing until the rain slowed down!


Windsurf Bay Park

With just a few breaks in the rain, we headed just down the street to Windsurf Bay Park in Garland.  This fun, FREE city park is known for their good winds, perfect for windsurfing!

There were several Wind Surfers out, too, taking advantage of the good wind!  I really enjoyed just watching them as they seemed to just fly across the water!

We had originally planned to take Windsurfing Lessons with Core Adventure Sports, which also rents SUP paddleboards, too, but the weather was just too bad.  We’ll be back, but to schedule your own lessons, click HERE to visit their website.


The kids had a blast swimming in the waves, too!

More Things to do in Rockwall


Shenaniganz has bowling, go carts, laser tag and SO much more!  Click HERE to visit their website.

Squabble Creek Mountain Bike Trail  is a 4.5 mile mountain bike trail.  Click HERE to visit their website.


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