10 Reasons Why Your Child Will Love Topgolf

Maybe you think Topgolf is only for adults, and it is a really neat place for an adult night-out, but they open early, 9am daily and 8am on Saturdays, and it’s a perfect place to take the kids, especially since it’s LESS EXPENSIVE the earlier you go in the day!  Here’s 10 more reasons your kids will LOVE Topgolf!

Image Courtesy of Top Golf

1. They get their own Membership Card When you arrive at Topgolf, each player will need a $5 Membership Card. This is a one-time purchase.  You can actually play on just one card, but you won’t be able to keep score.  Your waitstaff can show you how to just practice.


2. Private bays with couches and a table Similar to bowling, when it’s not your turn you can sit down and chill in your own private bay! Be sure to request a couch-type sitting area, which is much easier with small children than higher bar-type tables! And while it’s outside, you’re in the shade and there are plenty of fans to keep you comfortable!


3. Kid-Sized Golf Clubs

Ask at the desk where you pay for fun, child-sized golf clubs!

While you can bring your own clubs, they also have clubs at each bay for Mom and Dad to use, too!

4.  Topgolf Games

First, kids love that the scores are taken electronically, and everything lights up on the scorer!  There are several games you can play for different skill levels!

CIMG0995.JPG5.  Automatically Dispensed Balls

My son LOVED that the golf balls are dispensed automatically with just a wave of the golf club!

6.  Massive Light Up Holes

If you go after dark, your kids will love that the huge holes all light up!

7.  The Food aka The Desserts 

Each Topgolf has a unique menu, with seasonal fare, but the fun desserts will be your little Jordan Spieth’s favorite!

8.  The Golf Ball Picker Upper Cart

Kids love watching the guy on the cart, driving around and picking up all the balls, and they’ll laugh at how often his protected cart gets hit!  Heck, they may even aim at him!

9.  Pet Friendly!

You kids will love that they can bring their leashed, well-behaved best friend to Topgolf’s many pet friendly locations!  Check with your location before going.

CIMG1005.JPG10.  Foosball and Other Games 

Just because your time is over, you can still play some of the other games at Topgolf!


Locations in Texas include Allen, Austin, The Colony, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston-Katy, San Antonio, Spring, Webster and coming soon to El Paso! 

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