Christner’s Ranch, Moody

A pay to dig ranch, Christner’s Ranch in Moody allows avid arrowhead hunters a place to come hunt on land where Native American’s once lived and hunted.  A day at the ranch for professional collectors and serious amateurs can be a rewarding adventure, but there is also plenty of fun to be found for families just interested in coming out for a day of fun searching for treasures of the past!


Our first visit to the Christner’s Ranch was years ago, before my now 9 year old could even walk.  We came with Austin Diggers for their annual Digfest!   These men and women are serious, and the man digging in the pit next to us found a spear point, larger than an arrowhead!


We made our second visit to the ranch this weekend, following our cub scout campout at nearby Camp Tahuaya in Belton.  Camp Tahuaya is also a known site for arrowheads and other archeological finds, and we even gave our campout an Indiana Jones theme to reflect how we could search for clues to the past!  It seemed a natural addition to the campout to visit Christner’s Ranch!  It turned out to not be a very unique idea, because there was another cub scout pack at the ranch, too!


Our boys had fun “searching” in the creek bed, and while we didn’t find any arrowheads, they did pick up some really cool fossils, mostly fossilized coral and Devil’s Toenails, an easily identifiable marine bivalve mollausk.  My daughter also found a rather large Rudist, also an ancient marine bivalve, a reminder of the shallow sea that once covered much of Texas millions of years ago.


On a beautiful Spring day, there’s not a much better way to spend an afternoon!  While there are plenty of places to hunt WITHOUT getting wet, the creek was the boy’s favorite!


And while we didn’t find any arrowheads, we still found some remarkable treasures, even if they were only ours for a few minutes!

Know Before You Go

While you’re serious hunters will arrive with shovels and other tools, it’s very possible to find arrowheads just by walking around.  We were guided to a recently graded road, where arrowheads were being found.

Wear shoes you don’t mind getting wet and muddy, sunscreen and DEET-free bug spray.  DEET can hurt the aquatic animals in the creek.

Pack plenty of water and snacks, it’s a drive to the nearest store.

Always call ahead of time to schedule your visit.

Under special arrangements, the Christner’s do allow camping, also.

Things To Do in (and near) Moody


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Christner’s Ranch

17120 Moody-Leon Rd. Moody 


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