Health Camp, Waco

Anytime we’re driving through Waco, you’ll hear a rumbling begin in the back seat, and soon overtake our entire car! “Burgers, burgers, burgers”  the natives begin chanting, and soon we know we’ve been overtaken, and begin looking for the iconic Waco Traffic Circle and burger heaven in Waco, known as Health Camp!

That was exactly how our most recent visit to Health Camp came about, tired and hungry after an incredible weekend at Bluff Creek Mountain Bike Ranch down near Giddings, click HERE to read more, we could hear the burgers calling to us as far back as Cameron!


Despite it’s name, Health Camp, which has been open in the same location since 1949, sells burgers, hot dogs and frito pie, along with fries, onion rings and shakes.  Go ahead and order the shake up front, because they’ll just keep telling you how good it is until you do, because it really is that good!


It’s a small little burger stand, with small seating inside, small restrooms and a small little patio, just perfect for an exhausted (and smelly) family, and their dirty pup, to grab dinner on their way home.

Here is where I should have posted a picture of my burger, but I was hungry!

Know Before You Go

What’s there to know, it’s good burgers and shakes!  Enjoy!

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Health Camp

2601 Circle Road, Waco

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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