Caverns of Sonora, Sonora

Of all the caverns we’ve toured in Texas, which is all of them, there is no doubt that the Caverns of Sonora has by far the most amazing features!  It’s really amazing how beautiful it is underground!  It was our first stop on our West Texas Spring Trip Roadtrip, but it’s easily worth the time to drive out just to explore this beautiful and often overlooked part of Texas, where the Hill Country meets the Desert!


The Caverns are open 364 Days a Year, closed on Christmas Day!


When you arrive at the park, immediately go purchase your tickets, to avoid a long wait, or better, save a little money and buy them online!

You’ll get distracted when you step in, because it’s also a big gift shop, but stay focused on getting those tickets first!


While we waited, we walked around the park!  The is an RV park, tent camping with LOTS of scouts during our visit, or you can rent the TEEPEE for $25 a night, and bring your own bed!


My son had to do the mining in the sluice while we were there!  You can purchase a bag of dirt and stones in the gift shop to wash the dirt off and find “treasures”!


The Gift Shop should really come with a warning label, it’s almost overwhelming!  This is just a small sample of one little corner of the huge shop, which also sells fudge.


Outside there are a few different animals to see, also!

One of the things I LOVED about the Caverns of Sonora is that they have a complementary kennel for your pet while you tour the caverns!


Once we headed inside the caverns, I was just amazed!

To enjoy your amazement a little more, there’s a few things you need to know.

It’s HUMID!  It feels about 85 degrees, so dress appropriately!

I had the worse time keeping my camera lens from fogging up!  Bring something with you, but not one of the sprays that could harm the cavern.  I was almost afraid it was going to actually hurt my camera, and would have brought my waterproof one had I known.

The ground is damp in places, and can be slippery!  Wear good shoes with traction!


The Cavern is a designated National Natural Landmark.  During our tour, our guide was great, and knowledgeable about the history and some of the geology of the cavern, but we were lucky enough to have a petroleum geologist in our group, who was able to answer very specific geologic questions for us!

Assuming you don’t have your own petroleum geologist, click HERE to check out this informative page from the Texas Speleological Survey about the Caverns.


We took the standard 2 hour tour, but they also offer a 4 hour Discovery Challenge Tour that I’m looking forward to taking on our next visit!  Not for the faint of heart, you actually repel down into the Devil’s Pit!


BAck to the standard tour, convenient handrails make navigating some of the areas a little easier.


On all the Caverns of Sonora logos, you’ll see what appears to be butterfly wings, one of the most popular and recognizable features of the cavern.  Sadly, in 2006 it was destroyed and taken by a park guest!  As caverns are protected by the state, it’s a very serious felony!  Click HERE to read more and see an image of the butterfly before the vandalism!


We absolutely LOVED the Caverns!  It really is an incredible stop on your Texas tour!

Things To Do in (and near) Sonora


The Sonora Old Ice House Museum tells the story of the people who live in this area, described as where the Texas Hill Country meets West Texas!  Click HERE for more information.

Hike the 2 mile trail at the Eaton Hill Nature Center and Preserve.  Click HERE to read more.


Head out to Downtown Sonora and the Historic Sutton County Courthouse Square to find restaurants and shops!  Click HERE for more information.

Caverns of Sonora

1711 PR 4468, Sonora

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