Cross Mountain Park, Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg is a land of myths and secrets, such as the mysterious groans heard during the summer on Enchanted Rock, or why the hillsides were set on fire each Easter-eve by giant bunnies.  Cross Mountain, located just outside the city limits, bears it’s own mystery.  In 1847, during the founding of the city, a cross was found on the top of a neaby hill, although no one knew who put it there or why.  It was given the name, “Kreuzberg” or Cross Mountain.  Today, it is a city park and a terrific place to stretch your legs after a day shopping in town, or grab a picnic lunch if you arrived too late at nearby Enchanted Rock, which closes when the park reaches capacity, something that happens almost every weekend.


The latter was how we found Cross Mountain, after arriving at Enchanted Rock SNA at about 10:40am on a cold and wet Saturday morning in February, only to find the entrance closed off by numerous State Park officials, who told us to come back at 2:30pm.   We took our overly filled car load of boys into Fredericksburg to find a place where we could all get out of the car, when we saw the sign for Cross Mountain.


The hill overlooks a large parking area, a few picnic tables and an open area where the boys played football for a while, until they were ready for lunch.  After eating, we began our climb up the hill, which has trails that circle around for an easy hike of a little over a mile, or you can take the stairs straight to the top in about five minutes.


We took the longer hike up the hill, which was easy.  A small grotto in the hill was noteworthy, although the area was fenced off.   There weren’t many people in the park that day, but we did meet a group looking for the only geocache at the park.  If you’re new to geocaching, it’s a fun and inexpensive activity, like a treasure hunt, for the entire family.  Click HERE to visit and learn more about it.


From the top, you have a nice view of the area, probably including Downtown Fredericksburg on a clear day.  Our day, however, was not clear, as a heavy fog settled on us during our climb, and we had very little visibility, but it made for a neat picture before we headed back down.

At night, the cross is lit up, and visible for miles!

CIMG0032.JPGWith a little more time to kill, we headed to the front of the park, which also offers a nice little nature trail on flat ground.

Know Before You Go 

There are no restrooms at the park, and nothing nearby. Go before you arrive.


Things To Do in Fredericksburg


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Wildseed Farms is a nursery, but with an incredible landscaping, gift shop and small cafe.  Click HERE to read more.

Downtown Fredericksburg is filled with shops, stores, galleries, and much more!  There are numerous vineyards in the area that offer tours, tastings, cafes and gift shops!


Jennie’s Smoked Burgers and Tornado Fries at 319 E. Main St. is one of our favorites!


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Cross Mountain Park 

North on Milam, Fredericksburg

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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