Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Since 1997, the Alamo Drafthouse has been known in Austin as a great place to watch a movie and have a drink with friends.  What started as a one screen, second-run theater has evolved into a hipster cinema paradise with locations around Texas and franchises popping up all over the country!  I looked forward to date nights at the new Dallas location, but it wasn’t somewhere I was considered scheduling a playdate.  I was wrong!  It’s a great place for kids!

The Alamo does have strict age policies during their regular movies, such as no one under 6 after 6pm, and no babies to regular shows, no unaccompanied teens. However, they also host a LOT of kid-movies and events, such as Baby Days and Kids Club!  They even have a great kids menu!

Our decision to visit the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Dallas was a spur of the moment one, so you’ll forgive my bad-even-for-me pics.  We had originally had plans to hang out in Downtown Dallas, but our change in plans meant little compared to the horrific change in the lives of so many people after the events of July 7th!

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Know Before You Go

Purchase your movie ticket online to pick your seats, and no worries about getting there very early!

Do arrive on time, the Alamo does NOT ALLOW late entry.  They will refund your money or give you tickets to a later show.

Like any theater, it’s freezing inside! Bring a blanket!

The Alamo does not allow ANY TALKING OR TEXTING DURING THE MOVIES.  Really, NONE!  They’ll give you one warning, then ask you to leave.  To my surprise, my 8-year-old, possibly the LOUDEST kid in Texas, sat quietly through the entire movie, once he understood that we would have to leave if he wasn’t.

Baby Days

Bring your infants and toddlers under 3 for FREE!  The lights aren’t lowered as much and the volume is turned down just a little.  Click HERE for more information, and be sure to double-check with your location on days and times before going.  Another great thing about Alamo Drafthouse, someone actually answers the phone!

Kids Camp 

Reserved for families with kiddos 3 & up, these fun summer movies are priced just $1-$3, you choose how much to pay.  Sounds a little crazy, but all ticket purchases go to a local charity, which is pretty cool!  Regular rules on talking/texting apply.

Victory Vanguard

A special program for teens to enjoy select movies unaccompanied by an adult.  Ticket prices are only $5, too!   Click HERE to sign up (yep, they have to sign up and watch a couple of videos).

Alamo Drafthouse 2


While I really recommend purchasing tickets online before you go, you can purchase at the theater.  Children (6-11), College Students with ID, Seniors and Military all receive a $1.00 discount at the theater, too.

Alamo Drafthouse 3


They have kiosk at the theater where you can purchase your tickets, but you’ll only get a discount at the box office!

Victory Rewards

Be sure and join Victory Rewards before you purchase your ticket!  It’s free, and you get to see free movies, discounts and special events!   Click HERE to do it now!

2016 june b

The Seats

I love these seats, with high backs, a table with an under table light for reading the menu, and even a hook for your purse!

Keep in mind when purchasing tickets that 2 chairs share one table.  I purchased 2 seats with separate tables.  The staff worked it out for us when we arrived, but keep it mind when purchasing online.

I was surprised that the seats don’t fully recline with a leg rest (except for the front row), and you can’t raise the armrest between the joined seats.

No Ads

It’s still okay to arrive a little early for your movie, because instead of mind-numbing ads, you’ll get to watch cute vintage cartoons, and short clips specifically programmed for the movie you’re watching.  We laughed at funny cat and dogs videos, while I had time to check in on facebook before putting my phone away!

The Menu

They have a great menu, and not out of movie theater pricing expectations!

They just debuted a new Kids Menu in June, 2016.  My kiddo loved the milk shakes!

I love their ordering system.  They have pens and paper at the tables, and you write your request, then stand it up on the tray.  A waiter runs by to grab it and then…. presto! … returns with your order.  Same for drink and bottomless popcorn refills. They’ll bring your ticket when the movie is about 3/4 of the way over.

No concession area.  You can only purchase food, etc from the waiter.

 Age Policy

18 and up unless accompanied by parents; Children 3 and up will be allowed only with a parent or guardian until 6:00pm. After 6:00pm, children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent or guardian. No children under the age of 3 will be allowed and families with loud children will be asked to leave.

Restaurant, Bar and Karaoke

At the Dallas location, they have a full service restaurant and bar with two amazing patios; one overlooking Downtown Dallas, and the other The Cedars and Southside.  The patio had fire pit, movie screen for sporting events and much more.  I hurried my 8-year-old out, as he was making plans for a night-time return visit I knew was 13 years away.

They have 5 private Karaoke rooms, each with a unique theme, that would be perfect for tween-teen parties, etc. With a no one under 21 rule, I spoke with the manager who said they will accommodate under-age parties earlier in the day.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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