Trail de Paris – North East Texas Trail, Paris

Ah, Paris in the Springtime.

Well, Paris Texas, that is.  It is a beautiful place to be, with flowers blooming and trees budding and squirrels just about EVERYWHERE!  We spent our long Easter weekend riding the Trail de Paris, part of the 120 mile North East Texas Trail.  Whether you are looking for a challenging backpacking or bikepacking trip, or just a scenic walk or family bike ride, you’ll love the Trail de Paris, and all the small town sights of Downtown Paris!


Know Before You Go

Be sure to take plenty of water, more than you anticipate needing in case of a problem, especially in summer.

Don’t forget sunscreen, bugspray, essential first aid and snacks for energy!  Don’t know how to carry it all on your bike? Check out this great handlebar bag from!  It’s easy to attach to your handlebars, and expands so you can really fit quite a bit in there!


North East Texas Trail

The Trail de Paris is REALLY well maintained part of the much longer North East Texas Trail (NETT), which stretches all the way from Farmersville to Texarkana!  While ALL of the Trail de Paris is a hard surface, most of the NETT is dirt, grass and gravel.  Currently, Texas Parks and Wildlife is considering making a State Park Linear Trailway.

The ultimate bike or backpacking trip would be to load up the bikes and ride Amtrak to Texarkana, and then take the trail all the way to Farmersville!  To learn more about the North East Texas Trail, which is the longest trail in Texas, please click HERE, and then check them out on facebook, where ambitious hikers and bikers share their stories on the trail!


Love Locks

One of the fun sights along the trail are these locks on a bridge, which are meant to symbolize the “unbreakable love” of a couple!  These locks also serve as a nod to the famous Love Locks on the Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris, France.  In 2010, there were so many locks on the bridge in Paris that engineers feared the additional weight would be compromising the bridge, and they were all removed.


Reno Rail Trail

To the East of Paris the Trail de Paris meets the Reno Rail Trail, and continues on.  This part of the trail is also paved, although not in as quite good condition.  However, the community loves their trail, and volunteers in Reno come out to maintain it, plant flowers and even trees!


Rails to Trails Conservancy

Across the country, old abandoned railroad rails are being converted to linear trails for hiking, biking and equestrians!  Click HERE to visit the Rails to Trails Conservancy and learn more about it!

12994416_10209022708790435_1915587078785971042_n[1] is a start up company and provided a sample of their handlebar bag for a review, and after our first use, I love it!  We’re tough on bags, and although it’s lightweight, it still held together on our bike trip!  Click HERE to visit their facebook page!

Things To Do in Paris


Paris is home to the Texas Eiffel Tower, a much smaller version of the tower in France, but this one wears a big red Stetson cowboy hat!  It’s a mandatory selfie location!

Downtown Paris is the county seat of Lamar County, and the historic square is filled with cute boutiques and antique shops!  Click HERE to read more!


The Paris Bakery in Downtown Paris is just incredible!  Click HERE to visit their facebook page.


Reserve one of the waterfront cabins at Cooper Lake State Park, about 30 minutes south of Downtown Paris.  Click HERE to visit their website.


Trail de Paris 

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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