El Paso Zoo, El Paso

A week just wasn’t enough time to see and do everything there was in El Paso, but one place we couldn’t miss was the El Paso Zoo!  They have great animal exhibits, giraffe feedings and everyone’s favorite sea lion show!  In addition, there are plenty of hands-on activities for the kids!  Shade trees and built-in covers keep most of the walkways cool, and the splash area and playground are definite kids favorites!

Check out My Mommy Tips for visiting the zoo!


Know Before You Go

My biggest mistake was not allowing enough time during our visit!  I planned about 4 hours, including lunch, and we easily could have spent much longer!

If you bring a picnic, plan to eat outside the zoo, as outside food and drinks are not allowed.  Water is allowed, and bring plenty!

The El Paso Zoo reciprocates with other zoo memberships!


Sea Lion Presentation 

Daily at 11am and 3pm.

Arrive early!


Hunt Family Desert Springs

During warm weather the Desert Springs is the place to cool off after a day of fun in the zoo!  Bring a swimsuit and towel!


Foster Tree House Playground

How cool is this?!!  It’s so cool that after hiking up mountains and walking to Mexico and back, about 37 miles in 5 days, I was finally able to sit down and rest while my kiddos played!  We loved El Paso!!



My husband will pass by the lion, tigers and bears without even uttering an O-My, but he LOVES all the primates!  There are several viewing stations in the zoo, all with fun towers and structures for climbing and swinging!


South America

We saw tapirs and this adorable little Lennie’s Two-Toed Sloth, among other animals in the South America section of the zoo!


Baby Orangutan 

Another horrible picture because I was too busy oooing and awwing over this sweet little baby!  We had to be quiet not to disturb them!



Elephants and tigers were the stars of the Asia exhibit!

I was most excited to see the Przewalski’s Horse, a rare and endangered horse native to Asia, a subspecies of our modern horse.  Unlike our wild mustangs, which are truly just feral horses, these horses were never domesticated.  However, I didn’t get to see the horse, as they begin putting up the animals at 4pm, and it was our last planned stop of the day, just missing it by minutes!

The only other place to see Przewalski’s Horse in Texas is at Fossil Rim Animal Safari in Glen Rose.  Click HERE to read more.



The largest area of the zoo is devoted to Africa!


My son loved playing in the Kalahari Research Station, with puzzles and educational exhibits!


The Giraffe Encounter is $3.00.

Things To Do in El Paso


Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site offers guided trips to see ancient rock art in the caves, and the rock climbing in the park draws visitors from around the world!  Click HERE to read more.


The Coffee Box is a cute restaurant in Downtown El Paso made from shipping containers, just one of those places you HAVE to check out!


Here’s something a little non-traditional for those looking for an adventure!  Take the Amtrak Texas Eagle from Texarkana, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio or many stops in-between to El Paso!  Get a sleeper car for the trip!  Click HERE for more information!

El Paso Zoo

4001 E Paisano Dr, El Paso

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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