Waco Mammoth National Monument, Waco

Waco Mammoth National Monument just this past summer was awarded National Monument status, and it’s very deserving!  The young future paleontologist in your life with love it, as will anyone who has an appreciation for our state’s amazing history!


Know Before You Go 

Currently, there are no self-guided tours.  Tours are included in the price of admission.

National Park passes are not accepted at the Waco Mammoth National Monument.

They are closed on Sundays and Mondays.



The first bones were found outside the Mammoth Dig Site.  The building was actually built around the dig site to protect it from exposure, etc.



A mural shows a near representation of the size of one of the large male mammoths that was found at the Waco Mammoth National Monument.

It was explained to us that all mammoths found in Texas are Columbian Mammoths, unlike their northern cousins the Woolly Mammoths.  Columbian Mammoths are the largest of the mammoth species.


Dig Site

24 Columbian Mammoths have been found at this one site.  A huge flash flood is being blamed for all their sudden demise.


Other fossils 

Did you know that camels once lived in Texas?  Other fossils found among the mammoths are camel, a juvenile sabre-toothed cat and some other unidentified animals.


Trail to Dig Site

From the Visitors Center there is a 300 yard trail to the Dig Site.  Park operators have access to golf carts for those who require its use.

Picnic Area

Along the trail there is a nice, shady picnic area with several tables.



Dig Box

Outside the Visitors Center is a little Dig Box, similar to the Mammoth Dig Site, with replicated bones for children to dig up.


Visitors Center and Gift Shop

Purchase your tickets at the Visitors Center

The only restrooms are found in the Visitors Center, be sure everyone goes before leaving on the 45 minute tour.

Credit Cards are accepted.

Absolutely NO FOOD OR DRINKS are allowed on the tour.

Did you know that of the 7 Mammoth Dig Sites in the U.S., Texas has two of them?  Lubbock Lake Landmark is the other, and is operated by Texas Tech University.

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Waco Mammoth National Monument

6220 Steinbeck Bend Drive, Waco

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