Lajitas Golf Resort and Spa, Lajitas

Lajitas Golf Resort and Spa is the place to stay for creature comforts in Big Bend!  From incredible views of the Rio Grande River and Chihuahua Desert, to relaxing time in the spa or exciting adventures in Big Bend, it’s the place to plan your stay in the Terlingua area!  Lajitas is located on FM 170, the scenic El Camino del Rio, and the eastern gateway into Big Bend Ranch State Park!

lajitas resort
photo courtesy of Lajitas Resort


Know Before You Go

Fill up with gas before to Lajitas, or anytime you pass a gas station.

The closest Walmart is over 150 miles away, so bring EVERYTHING you need!

Phone service is…. random.  Print out directions before leaving home.  Just in case….

In Big Bend, the busy season is from October to May.  It’s HOT in the summer, but winters are wonderful!



Lajitas Resort rooms range from standard hotel rooms to cliffside villas with views of the Rio Grande!  The rooms come with something very unique in Big Bend, Dish TV!


Blackjack’s Crossing Golf Course 

Opened in 2012, the course has been named one of the best courses in Texas!  My hubs is the golfer, and we couldn’t tear him away, and with views like this it’s easy to see why!



My husband insisted on eating fajitas in Lajitas, and the only place in town is at Lajitas Resort’s Cadelilla Cafe!  We left the kids in the room one night and slipped out to the Thirsty Goat saloon!


Swimming Pool

The Lajitas Golf Resort offers the only swimming pool I could find in the entire Terlingua area!


Activities at the Resort

There’s so much to do in the Big Bend area, and the Red Rock Outfitters at Lajitas Resort can put together a great adventure for you!  From trail riding, jeep excursions, mountain biking and the agave spa, there is something for everyone!

We didn’t have time, we met a couple at breakfast one morning who had done the zip line the day before, and said it was the best part of their vacation!

On my Big Bend Bucket List is dinner at Stargazer Mesa, a dinner as unique as the region itself.  Ride by a haywagon to the top of Stargazer Mesa, and dine under the stars to a chuckwagon type dinner cooked on an open fire!


Event Center

Lajitas makes a beautiful destination for weddings, corporate retreats, etc.  While visiting, we explored the event center, with a 3rd floor view of the Rio Grande Valley!


While in Lajitas….

Something you MUST do in Lajitas is visit Clay Henry, the Lajitas mayor who is an old goat!  Literally, Clay Henry the III is a goat, and he enjoys his suds, too!  Purchase a long neck and offer it to the buzzed billy.  Only in Lajitas!


More Things to do in the Terlinqua/Big Bend Area

Terlingua isn’t a town, but refers to the region, which includes the Ghost Town, as well as the hamlets of Lajitas and Study Butte.  Here is just a few of the things to do….

Big Bend Stables and Lajitas Stables offer 1/2 day, day and even 3 day trips into the Chihuahua Desert!  We loved it, and it’s an incredible way to experience Big Bend!  Click HERE to read more.

Just past Lajitas and the Big Bend Ranch State Park, the Rio Grande tumbles across the landscape.  Far Flung Outdoor Center offers river rafting trips from a 1/2 day to 30 days!  They also offer jeep, ATV and hiking tours!  Please click HERE to visit their website.

See the pictographs on Indian Head Mountain.  Ancient man left his mark all over the mountains of Big Bend, but one of the easiest to see is in Study Butte.  Indian Head Mountain road takes you right to the Big Bend National Park boundary (not an entrance), and the pictographs are located right off the road.

Big Bend National Park is huge, and you could spend your entire trip there, and not see a fraction of the park along, much less anything of the rest of the region.  There is a restaurant, RV and tent camping, lodging and high-demand cabins.   Click HERE to read more.

The Boquillas Border Crossing, in the Big Bend National Park, is a small boat that ferrys you, not your car, across the Rio Grande for $5 a person.  You can then take a burro into the Mexican tourist town of Boquillas for lunch and shopping.  Passports are required.

Big Bend Ranch State Park is 300,000 acres stretched along the Rio Grande River.  Camping is all primitive.  Click HERE to read more.  The Visitors Center has an interesting interpretive center and garden.

The River Road, FM 170, stretches up and down, and up and down, and up and down from Lajitas to Terlingua, and gives you one of the most scenic roadways in Texas, with stunning views of the Rio Grande and it’s many canyons!  Click HERE to read more.

Ojinaga, Mexico lies just across the border from Presidio, and is not really a tourist town, but does boast a good restaurant in the plaza.  Be sure and take your passports for everyone in your family, you can’t get into Mexico without them, and you can’t get back.   

Lajitas Golf Resort and Spa

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