Manatee Springs State Park, Chiefland, Florida

Manatee Springs State Park


Know Before You Go

Manatees are found in the springs during the winter, when the constant temperature springs are warmer than the river

The Springs 

We visited during the summer, and the springs felt so nice on a warm summer day!  The water is very clear!  Bring goggles, and don’t forget an underwater camera!

Swimmers and divers are required to maintain a 50ft. distance from manatees at the springs.

Scuba Diving

We didn’t do this, but I did speak with several divers, and you can do underwater cavern diving at the park.  That’s all I really know, but doesn’t it sound amazing!


Kayaks, Canoes and Paddleboards

Paddle through the springs and out into the Suwannee River via Anderson’s Outdoor Adventures, which also rents mountain bikes, pontoon boats, shuttle services and even tubes for floating around the springs!  Click HERE for more information.



The park is home to lots of wildlife!  During our stay we were visited by many deer, who stayed in our camp almost all morning, as well as raccoons and armadillos!  On the boardwalk we saw plenty of birds, Gulf Sturgeon in the water, and an alligator swimming WAY out in the river at dusk!


Gulf Sturgeon

In the Suwannee River the most incredible thing to see was the Gulf Sturgeon jumping out of the water!  These incredible fish inhabit many inland rivers, but they only habitually jump from the water in a few locations, and near Manatee Springs is one of those!  Occasionally, sturgeons have been known to hit boats in the river, so do show caution when on the water!


There are 8 miles of biking and hiking trails in the park.  Mountain bikes can be rented from Anderson’s Outdoor Adventures.

Manatee Springs State Park   

11650 NW 115 Street Chiefland, FL

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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