Red Dragon Pirate Cruises, Port Aransas

The Red Dragon Pirate Cruises sets sail with a fun-loving and terrific cast of pirates, and they entertain and make you truly laugh out loud as you take an easy cruise around Port Aransas Bay!  I knew my seven-year-old would just love it, and I was thrilled with how much my fifteen-year-old and his friend participated and enjoyed the cruise, too!

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Know Before You Go

Make reservations in advance!  Many of the excursions sell out quickly!

There is shaded seating, but most of the activities are in the sun!  Apply sunscreen before arriving.

No outside food or drinks are allowed on board.  There is a full bar with snacks available.

The bar accepts credit cards, and held a tab open for me.  Since I had no cash, they were happy to include a hat I purchased for my son and our pictures on the tab.

It’s an easy cruise in the bay, and NO ONE was seasick!  It’s an easy trip!


Arrive with plenty of time to park.  Parking is a bit tricky, but a parking attendant will show you where to park.  I had to leave immediately after the cruise to pick up my daughter from her surf camp, and after telling him, he allowed me to park on the end since the parking is stacked, and I didn’t want to get blocked in.

Parking is free.


The boat is so much fun!  Get a good group picture before you board!


Prior to boarding the pirate ship, there is a fun 30 minute show with the Strange Danger Thrill Show!  The kids loved the show, with Jay and Ginger doing some fun knife and whip tricks, among other things.  For more information on their show, click HERE.


Once we started boarding the ship, they take a minute to do a picture with each group!  You will get the option to purchase the picture at the end of the cruise.


After we left the docks, everyone was free to run around a bit!  The performers are great, but what we really enjoyed was how interactive it was for not just the kids, but everyone!  They passed out these powder gun replica waterguns to everyone, and we all had a great time shooting each other all over the ship!  What a great way to keep cool, too!


Next, the kids had to learn some of the basics of being a pirate, like swabbing the deck! This was a great break for me to purchase some drinks from the bar and just sit back and enjoy the cruise!  We had several friendly dolphins swimming out beside us!


Of course, any pirate worth their salt knows how to sword fight!  My fifteen year old and his friend had just as much fun as my seven-year-old!


They also had a storytime, which was geared more for younger children, but afterwards they had a treasure hunt!  Before the cruise was over, my little guy had been completely transformed into a sea rouge!


And everyone’s favorite was the dance party on the ship!  Who knew pirates could macarena?

More Local Things to do in Port Aransas and surrounding areas

Port Aransas is such a cute little beach community!  The mostly non-chain stores and restaurants add a terrific charm to the town, and it’s a great place to spend the day shopping and sight-seeing.  Drive onto the public beach with a beach pass for $12, or just walk one of the many adorable beach cottages available for rentals!


Mustang Island State Park

We spent one night on the beach at Mustang Island State Park.  Click HERE for more information.


Padre Island NS Division of Sea Turtle Science and Recovery

Each summer, you can watch as baby sea turtle hatchlings are released onto the sand of Padre Island to walk their way to the water!  It’s an unbelievable thing to watch, and definitely worth getting up a little early.  For more information, click HERE.

We had an amazing time at Horses on the Beach!  Click HERE to visit their website.


We loved our sand castle building class from the Port Aransas Sand Castle Guy!  Click HERE for more information!


Check out the 5 Dancing Dunes when staying in Port Aransas!  We had a great time staying in their cute cabins, with a big courtyard for cookouts and a short walk to the beach!  Click HERE for more information.

Red Dragon Pirate Cruises

440 West Cotter Ave., Port Aransas

Click HERE to visit their website.  

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