Barrington Living History Farm, Washington

One of our favorite places to visit is the Barrington Living History Farm in Washington, the birthplace of Texas!  While you can see the historic Independence Hall at the Washington on the Brazos State Park, it’s this re-creation of Dr. Anson Jones’ farm where we can spend hours exploring!

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Oct 15th –  Living History Saturdays.  Click HERE to read more about this and more upcoming events.

1.  Know Before You Go  

We always schedule our visit to Barrington Farms last of all the activities at Washington-on-the-Brazos SHS, because we spend the most time here, and my kids always leave…. dirty.  That’s not to say it’s necessary, but they really love getting to participate in the farm activities, and farming can be dirty.  If your kids are like mine, bring a change of clothes and shoes.


2.  The Farmhouse

While all of the outbuildings are reproductions, the farmhouse is Anson Jones’ original dogtrot farmhouse.


3. The Furnishings

The home is completely furnished as it would have been when Dr. Jones and his family lived at Barrington.

You can see into the rooms of the home, but you can’t go inside.

My kids were shocked the first time they saw the corn shuck filled mattress!  Oh, the things they take for granted!


4.  Chores on the farm

Life on a farm wasn’t easy, and the farm interpreters, dressed in period clothing, enjoy telling the child who visit about the necessary chores on the farm, especially those of the children of the Texas Republic!  Buckets filled with water are set out every day, and guest can experience life without a washing machine!  During the 1840’s, children as young as 4 and 5 had chores, and a common (and necessary) one was washing the daily dirty rags.  The rags which were used the way we now use toilet paper.  Gross!


Of course, the farm has modern plumbing at the front, and the wash rags are only there as an example.

Image courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife


5.  Oxen

Daily life on the farm includes the use of oxen to pull a plow and carts around the farm.  Each spring it’s a special treat to get to watch as the oxen plow the fields, getting ready to plant their gardens!

During planting, kids and adults are encouraged to join in on the planting!  It’s a popular time for school field trips.  Call ahead and check for upcoming dates and times!


6.  Working in the Barn

Since Walmart wasn’t yet an option to the Texas settlers, they had to make many of their own tools.  My son is making a wooden spoon, and my daughter helped make an ax handle.



7.  Farm Animals

Barrington Farm is not a petting zoo, and the animals at the farm either have a job to do, or are grown to be consumed.  A hog is slaughtered each year at the farm, and the meat is preserved and put in the smoke house.  Chickens and other animals are also grown to be consumed as they would on a working farm.

Things to do in Washington on the Brazos 

Star of the Republic Museum offers a glimpse back into Texas history.  For more information, click HERE.

Barrington Living History Farm is a real, working farm where you can watch as they portray the day to day life of Texas settlers. Click HERE for more information.

Independence Hall is where the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed in 1836.  Click HERE for more information.

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Barrington Living History Farm


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