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We took the kids to Rodeo Houston during Spring Break, and they had such an amazing time!  As great a time as we had, there’s always things you could do to have a BETTER time, so I made a list of My Mommy Tips, so you can make the most of your visit.  Rodeo Houston and the Houston Livestock Show are both so huge that I made a separate post for each.


1.  Know Before You Go

No outside food or drinks are allowed, not even those you purchased at the Livestock Show or midway.

If you are going to rodeo, don’t try to win a HUGE stuffed animal first! We watched as a heartbroken little girl had to leave her’s behind, because there isn’t room for them in the seats!

Wednesdays are Value Wednesdays, when you can attend the Livestock Show for $5 or both the Livestock Show and Rodeo for only $10.  There are also food specials and more.  Click HERE to visit the webpage.

For security reasons, you will need to pass through a metal detector before you enter the Livestock Show.  Pocket knives longer than 3″ are not allowed, and it’s a long walk back to your car  truck.  You couldn’t help but feel sorry for the guy in line ahead of us who had one.


2.  About NRG Park 

NRG Park is a HUGE entertainment complex that is comprised of NRG Stadium, NRG Arena, NRG Center and NRG Astrodome. Rodeo Houston is in NRG Stadium, and is home to the Houston Texans, as well as special events and festivals throughout the year, including the Ringling Brother and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Texas Home and Garden Show, Nutcracker Holiday Show and much more!  When you are at the stadium, look across the 610 freeway to where the old Astroworld use to be!


Traffic is CRAZY around the stock show, and parking is going to run you about $30.  Consider the Park and Ride, click HERE to visit the website.

I also like the METROrail, and my kids love riding it!  Click HERE to visit the website.


3.  Pedicabs

If you do choose to park in one of the parking lots around the Stock Show, there are bike taxis that will take you closer to the entrance.  The taxis charge between $5 and $10 a person.  We loved riding as they whipped in and out of traffic, it was the thrilling-est (it’s a word) part of the evening!  But, some of the bike taxis don’t have the required city permits, and the police will stop them.  If you happen to be riding in the taxi when they are stopped, the police will make you get out and walk, and you won’t get your money back.  After watching it happen to someone, I asked the officer and he said you should ask to see their pedicab vehicle permit.


4.  Food

Although NRG Stadium sells concession stand type food, the food at the vendor stands out on the Midway are amazing!  Arrive a few minutes early and enjoy the food, but they won’t let you bring it inside the stadium.


5.  Seats

NRG Stadium is HUGE, but even from the seats up at the VERY top, you can still get a good view of the action down below!  Kids love using binoculars, so bring a pair just for the fun of it!


6.  Mutton Bustin

The Mutton Bustin Competition is one of our favorites, as 5-6 year olds compete to see who can ride a sheep the furthest, in hopes of winning a championship belt buckle!  Registration starts in December and ends in January, so you must plan ahead.  Participants must be 5 or 6 years old at the time of the competition, and may not exceed 55 pounds.


7.  Calf Scramble

We love the Calf Scramble, where each night 30 determined 4-H and FFA Youth try to grab and rope one of 15 calves running around the arena!  Each captured calf represents $1,500 and a chance to show a calf at the following years livestock show, so it’s fierce competition!  It was exciting to see that of the 30 kids competing, 18 of them were girls!  My kids are all members of 4-H and they LOVE IT!  For more information on 4-H, click HERE to visit their website.

8.  The Concerts

The highlight for many rodeo goers is the concerts that follow!  Some of the music industries top names perform, and at very affordable prices!  The most popular entertainers sell out quickly.

For more Mommy Tips on the Houston Livestock Show,

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Rodeo Houston

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Keep Having Fun in the TEXAS Sun! 



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