Round 1 Bowling and Amusement, Parks Mall, Arlington

In Arlington, you can hear them yelling “strike” somewhere other than a Ranger’s game!

That’s because Round 1 Entertainment just opened up at the Parks Mall!  Yes, Arlington has other bowling alleys, but in addition to bowling, Round 1 offers some of the newest and most unique arcade games ever!


1.   Know Before You Go

A huge game room and bowling alley, there is no admission fee for entering!

Open Daily, 10am – 2am.

Located inside the Parks Mall at Arlington, on the first floor by the Ice Skating rink.

The best place to park is near Dick’s Sporting Goods.  After the store closes, there is a door to the parking lot on the East side of the store.


2.  Bowling   

The bowling lanes are located in the back, near the bar and billiards.

There is no smoking allowed.

Round 1 offers special pricing during the week, with higher prices Fri-Sunday.

Lanes are

They offer gutter guards and ramps for younger children.


Shoe rentals are $3.50, and they have these fun shoe vending machines!


3.   Karaoke Room

There are several Karaoke Rooms which can be rented and used for parties, etc.


4.  Arcade

This place is huge with lots of games!


Some of the games we haven’t seen anywhere before!


5. Photo Booths

My daughter loved these fun photo booths, with a green screen so she could edit her backgrounds!


6.   Prize Center

Round One has the largest prize center I have ever seen, rows after rows, it’s more like a gift shop!

7.  Snack Bar

Enjoy traditional snack bar fare, such as cheeseburgers, nachos, onion rings and more!

Things to do in Arlington 

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Round One

Click HERE to visit their website


Keep Having Fun in the TEXAS Sun!


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