Quanah Parker Trail of Arrows

Since 2011, there have been huge arrows sprouting up all over the Panhandle and Plains region of West Texas.  The 22′ steel arrows are the work of sculptor Charles Smith, and they are a labor of love.

With 80 or more arrows which denote historical events in and around the life of Quanah Parker, finding all of them is an entry for a bucket list or a lengthy road trip.

Of course, you can find all the arrows at the Quanah Parker Trail website.  Click HERE to visit this site.

But I’ve really enjoyed finding them in our travels, and wanted to log them for you, along with an interesting item or two to do while you are searching!


1 & 2  Crosbyton 

I’ll never forget our first arrow!! We spotted it in Crosbyton, while on our way to drop our daughter off for Girl Scout summer camp!  We had stopped in town to get lunch, and saw the arrow sitting in the lawn of the Crosby County Pioneer Memorial Museum!

Just across the street is the Mount Blanco Fossil Museum.  Click HERE to read about it.

There is also a geocache hidden somewhere near the arrow, unfortunately, we never found it!


We located the second arrow just down the street with a nice informational sign about the Quanah Parker Trail.  The arrows in Crosbyton are marking the Battle of Blanco Canyon.  The canyon lies just to the East of the town.


#3, #4 and #5  Hwy 86 East of Silverton

There are 3 arrows along Hwy 86 between Silverton and Quitaque.  This arrows marks a spot 2 miles North where General Ranald S. Mackenzie order shot 1450 horses that had been captured from the Comanche during the Battle of Palo Duro.

I didn’t like this arrow very much.

We found these while traveling to Caprock Canyons State Park, home of the State of Texas free roaming bison herd!  Click HERE to read more about this amazing state park!

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