East Texas Gators, Grand Saline

East Texas Gators

Check out my Mommy Tips for making the most of your visit!


1.  Know Before You Go
Wear close-toed shoes to see the animals.
Free Parking
2.  The Lobby
Our first stop at East Texas Gators (and yours when you visit) was the Lobby.  Not only do you purchase your tickets in the lobby, but you can also purchase souvenirs, shirts, sodas and snacks.
I LOVED that we were able to speak with Charlie and the other park staff about all the animals in the lobby.  He let us hold most of them, and he spoke to the kids, even my youngest, on their level!
3.  Babies
We were just LUCKY, but we arrived just in time to watch as a mother chinchilla in the lobby gave birth to one of her two babies!
4.  Baby Gators
Inside the lobby there were many young gators that the kids were allowed to touch!
5.  Alligators!
Of course, what we came to see was the BIG gators, and East Texas Gators doesn’t disappoint!  With over 80 alligators on the property, we were able to see LOTS of them.  Check the schedule so you are sure NOT TO MISS the alligator feeding show during warm weather!
6.  More Animals
We were surprised how many other animals are here!  Prairie dogs, ducks, geese, camel, donkeys, goats and much, much more!
7.  Food and Drinks
Where else can you sit on a deck and eat lunch while watching alligators sunning just feet away?  The grill serves burgers, sandwiches and daily specials.
8.  More! 
There is a small playground with a bounce house, swing set and other activities for younger children.
9.  Birthday Parties
Enjoy a birthday party, or meet with family for a family reunion at the park’s large outdoor covered picnic area.
10.  Make a Day of It! 
Grand Saline gets it’s name from the abundant salt!  Head into town to see the Salt Palace Museum, made entirely of salt!

East Texas Gators

9515 FM 1255, Grand Saline

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