Splash Kingdom Wild West, Hudson Oaks

When the trail gets too dusty, cool off at Splash Kingdom Wild West Water Park in Hudson Oaks.  Race your friends on the slides, jump the surf in the wave pool or explore the inner workings of a snake as you zip through the Snake Pit, just to name a few of the fun activities!

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1.  Know Before You Go

Splash Kingdom isn’t the largest water park, but there is plenty of entertainment to keep your children occupied.  Because it’s a smaller scale park, I felt much more comfortable letting my older children run around out of sight, while I stayed with our youngest.

There are tables located near the parking area for picnics, however outside food and drink are not allowed inside the park.

Visit after 4:00pm for a reduced rate ticket.

A season pass allows you access to all 4 Splash Kingdom Water Parks; Hudson Oaks, Shreveport, Canton, Nacogdoches and Greenville!


2.  Wild West Theme

I love the unique Wild West Theme at the water park.


3.   The Snake Pit

Going along with the western theme, there are 4 slides when you first enter the park, named the Snake Pit.  Each slide is a little different, and each drops you off in the big pool of water!


4.  Wagon Trail Springs

Kids of all ages will love the unique attractions in Wagon Trail Springs!  Designed with younger guest in mind, the water is only a few inches deep.  There are also a couple of shorter slides and a water tower that dumps water!

Each August, the water at most pools and parks starts to feel a little warm, especially in the shallower areas.  However, I was surprised how chilly the water at Splash Kingdom felt, especially compared to other, nearby parks we had just recently visited.  It was explained to me that the water at Wagon Trail Springs is mostly city water, with water from a well used to keep the water levels filled.


5. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I loved these slides, especially the Bad and the Ugly, which brave souls can choose to ride down BACKWARDS!!  This is my summer of being brave, and I have to tell you, while I normally would have sat this one out, I LOVED it!!

One of the terrific natural characteristics of Splash Kingdom Wild West is that it is set high up on a hill, and from the top of the slides you have an amazing view of the surrounding area!


6.  The Wave Pool

The 220,000 gallon, walk down wave pool has a fun wave pattern (after all the wave pools we’ve reviewed, you start noticing these things), but the best part of it for me wasn’t planned.  About mid-way in the pool, there are bubbles that come rushing up from a vent in the pool floor.  It was explained to me that these are caused by the force of water coming from the slides.  Whatever the reason, they were unexpected and fun.  I’m thinking wave pool underwater geysers should be the next big thing!

Lifejackets and tubes are provided FREE of charge.


7.  Gold River Rapids

Grab a tube for the Gold River Rapids, a not completely lazy river.


8.  Food

There are several different food options at Splash Kingdom.

While Splash Kingdom doesn’t allow outside food or drink, there are tables located off the parking lot where you can bring coolers for a picnic lunch.


9.  The Souvenir Cup

This is genius!  The Splash Kingdom souvenir cup can be refilled with soda or popcorn.


10.  Make a Day of It! 

We just love Skinny’s Hamburgers in Weatherford!  

After drying off, and bundling up (because movie theatres are always SO chilly), we headed over to City Lights Movie Theatre.

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Splash Kingdom Wild West

1001 Cinema Drive, Hudson Oaks

(817) 598 – 0777

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