Barton Hill Farms Fall Festival & Corn Maze, Bastrop

My bucket list may be EXTREMELY long, but thanks to Barton Hill Farms,  I was able to mark off getting lost, and finding my way out , of a Corn Maze!

The farm’s unique setting, along the peaceful banks of the Colorado River, makes it an amazing place to spend an autumn afternoon.  The annual Fall Festival and Corn Maze offers something for everyone.  Check out my Mommy Tips for making the most of your visit.


1.   Before You Go

Save $1 per ticket by purchasing tickets online

Purchase the Adventure Pass for the kids, but you can save a little money by just paying general admission for the adults.

Although they take credit cards, bring cash for food and other activities, so you don’t have numerous charges on your card.

Pack like you mean it!  There is plenty of shaded picnic seating, but bring out an EZ Up, chairs, picnic blanket, etc and set up camp while the kids enjoy running around in the fresh air!  (But beware of the lure to nap in the cool breeze).

They sell BBQ, hot dogs and even beer, but cooler/outside food is not allowed.

Enjoy the wide open space!  Pack bubbles, a nerf football, etc. for even more fun!


2.   FREE Parking

No real tip.  You can park your car, and it’s FREE.


3. Pumpkins!! 

Whether you are just coming to look at the pumpkins, or you want to take one home, don’t miss the Pumpkin Patch!!  There are cute spaces for photo ops, and the pumpkins are very reasonably priced, $10 for large and $5 for pie pumpkins.  Also, the pumpkins are home grown in Texas!


4. Sandbox

One day I’m going to write an article on the 10 coolest sandboxes in the state, and Barton Hill Farm’s Sandbox Schooner, a 50′ replica of the Lively,  will definitely be on the list!  Leave your sand toys at home, they have plenty to share!

Another replica at Barton Hill Farms is Fort Wilbarger, a scaled down version of the fort built by Josiah Wilbarger in 1827, when he settled along the shores of the Colorado River.  Wilbarger offers a story worthy of an autumn campfire, as he was attacked and scalped by a band of Comanches, but managed to escape.  He was found the next day after appearing to a woman in a vision, and lived another 11 years!


5. Jumping Pillow

Your Adventure Pass allows for unlimited jumping.  Younger children and older children jump separately.

I suggest wearing close-toed shoes, but ones that are easy to take on and off!


6.   Live Music

My husband really enjoyed the live music, who were willing to do a few request.  We didn’t dance, but only because he didn’t ask.


7. John Deere Grand Prix

With the Adventure Pass, they can ride ALL DAY LONG (and you know they will)!


8.  Pony Hop

My six-year-old thought this was amazing!  He hopped and hopped and after hopping everyone else out, he begged me to hop with him.  In addition to the smaller Pony Hops, they have 3 BIG Pony Hops, so I thought, “why not?”.   It was really hard at first, but soon I was hopping around the corral.  I may just have to look in our barn for my old Hippity Hop!

If you were born before 1980, a Hippity Hop was a large red ball with a handle that you sat on and bounced, and SO much better than an i-pad, i-pod, i-phone or i-whatever.

There are also rides on real ponies for an additional $5, but you can’t hop on them.  Adults can’t ride them either.  I asked.


9. Cow Train

Included with your Adventure Pass, the Cow Train was a huge hit with all 3 of my kids!

Fill up your water bottles before heading down to this end of the farm.


10. Kayaks! 

As I said, I love the location of Barton Hill Farms!  It stretches along the shores of the Colorado River, downriver of Austin.  It’s a lovely and tranquil setting.  For an additional $10 per kayak for 30 minutes, guest can explore the river around the farm.  The slow moving curve of the river is the perfect place for first timers to try paddling in the tandem (two people) kayaks.  Life Jackets are provided.

Fill up your water bottle before heading down to the river.

The water is shallow along the river’s edge, and my kids had a great time just exploring up and down the banks.

Once you have tried and loved it, explore more of the river on the Bastrop – Wilbarger Paddling Trail, a 14.3 mile trail along this portion of the river, with a take out in downtown Bastrop! Click HERE for more information.

Bastrop River Company offers kayak and canoe shuttle services, as well as overnight paddling trips, summer tubing and more.  Click HeRE for more information.


11.  The Corn Maze

Pumpkins, ponies and the river aside, the real STAR of Barton Hill Farms is the Corn Maze!  At approximately 5 acres, the maze will take you approximately 25 – 30 minutes, and it’s long and complicated enough that you can get lost again and again!

The corn maze design changes yearly.

Hydrate, and take plenty of water with you.

You have the option of taking a “game” with you into the maze.  Correct answers will help you find your way out, while wrong answers will only get you more lost.

Before you abandon your (older) children in the maze to find their own way out, keep  them up late the night before watching The Maze Runner or Signs.  But not Children of the Corn, that’s just too scary!

For a real fright, visit on a Saturday evening for a trip through the maze by flashlight from dusk until 10pm.  If you are brave enough….


12. More Mommy Tips

  • The restrooms are all port-a-potties, without changing tables.  They do have hand washing stations.
  • Stay hydrated.  For $10 you can purchase a Barton Hill Farms water bottle, and receive free water refills all day.
  • Try not to cry when they tell you it’s closing time and you must go home.



13.  Make a Day or Weekend of it by visiting these other things to do in Bastrop! 

Maxine’s Cafe  Fill your tummy with a homestyle breakfast before you visit the farm at this cute little cafe in historic downtown Bastrop.

Bastrop State Park  Devastated by the 2011 wildfire, the Bastrop State Park is full of life with breath-taking scenery as the new growth fills in around the remnants of the fire.  It’s a very popular park, so make your reservations early.

Lake Bastrop  Enjoy camping, fishing and more!


Barton Hill Farms

1115 Farm to Market 939

Bastrop, TX 

Click HERE to visit their website. 

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