Fright Fest at Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington

The scariest thing at Six Flags Over Texas will always be the Titan, but each October, the streets and attractions take on an eerie glow in the foggy mist as Fright Fest takes over the park!

It’s an annual event for us, and we were there on opening day this year, to bring you the best Mommy Tips, whether your children be 3 or 13!


1. Know Before You Go

Before dark is a terrific time for younger guest to visit Six Flags.  If you have a child that scares easily, leave before 6:30pm, when the ghouls come out.

Children under 12 are allowed to wear a costume, and face paint, but not a mask! Anyone over 12 is not allowed to wear a costume.

If you don’t have a Six Flags Season Pass, now is the time to buy one!  A pass purchased in October is good through December 2015, so you get 2 Fright Fest, 2 Holiday in the Parks, and one summer in your pass.

Six Flags gives away tickets DAILY on their website, with instant notification if you win or not.  Click HERE to enter!  Good Luck!!


2.  Looney Tunes Spooky Town

 During Fright Fest, the new Bugs Bunny Boomtown is also the home of the Looney Tunes Spooky Town.  Guest younger than 12 are allowed to walk through an outdoor attraction (nothing dark or closed in) and collect candy from Bugs Bunny, Lola, Daffy Duck and other Looney Tunes friends.

CIMG0081 3.  Bugs Bunny’s Boomtown

Aside from Spooky Town, all the familiar rides are still running in Bugs Bunny’s Boomtown, and it’s a not very spooky atmosphere.  When the ghouls come out to play at 6:30pm, they avoid the children’s area, however they do congregate around the entrance and Main Stage.

CIMG00844.  Frights and Fun are Everywhere

Keep your eyes open for frightful fun all around the park!  We were thrilled to see ALL the rides, games and attractions were running for Fright Fest!


5.  Haunted Houses

Check the Haunted House schedules, but they do open before 6:30pm.

You can purchase a single haunted house admission (Fright Pass) for $8, or an all day admission for $20 – $15 if you are a pass holder, or an unlimited Haunted House pass (good through October 31st) for $30 – $25 for pass holders.  The Fright Pass will also get you in to HOWL, one of the Fright Fest “Monstertainments”.

Lines were much shorter during daylight hours, but so were the screams.  It’s just scarier after dark.

There is a lot of blood, gore and horrific scenes for younger guest.

While Six Flags doesn’t have a “kinda scary” haunted house for those in-between kids, (which would be GREAT), the Total Darkness is fun without the horror.

We took the 6 year old to all the haunted houses, with my hands clamped over his eyes the entire time.  No nightmares, psychological damage still pending.


6.  Clown Parade

Arrive about 40 minutes before Cirkus Berzerkus opens to watch as the Clowns Parade to the haunted house.  Ask the attendant for times.


7.  Monstertainment

There are 5 shows, all of which are FREE except one, HOWL, which requires a fright pass.

Entrance requires a ticket, so pick one up as soon as you get there to use later in the day.


8.  Boom Town and Voodoo Swamp

Two places NOT to miss after dark are Boom Town in Texas, and Voodoo Swamp.  Each are FREE, but filled with paranormal fiends, out for a snack, and maybe a photo op.

I couldn’t get my lighting just right for this picture, and it took several tries!  The “zombie” was terrific, never losing character.  I, however, was a wreck, as all the other Boom Town zombies filled in around me, moaning just inches from my face, as I tried to get the this shot!  Talk about pressure!!


9. Six Flags Railroad

Don’t skip a ride on the Six Flags Railroad.  The classic Steam Engine is always one of our favorites!  I love it during summer and it’s a peaceful respite during Holiday in the Park, but during Fright Fest it’s just kinda scary.  They don’t decorate or anything, but I still just get the creeps.


10. Real Haunts

Although spooky characters run wild during Fright Fest, some paranormal activity takes place all year long, at least say those who believe in them!  For a “not on the schedule” thrill, take the long and deserted walk up to the covered bridge to Music Mill Theatre (the bridge is closed during Fright Fest) where an apparition is said to be seen by employees.  Other interesting places to visit are the Candy Store in the Texas section, where the ghost of “Annie” is said to unlock doors and look out windows, and The Palace, where the ghost of a worker named Angus stays around to keep things “running”.


11. Zombie Procession

Keep an eye out in the Gotham City section of the park, and when the big chain link gate opens next to Mr Freeze, you know the Zombie Procession is about to begin!  Watch as they stumble along behind the haunted hearse, then follow them to the Main Stage at the Entrance of the park for the big show!

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Six Flags Over Texas

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