Fort Worth Cats Baseball Game at LaGrave Field

Sadly, the cats are no more.  

Baseball? It’s just a game — as simple as a ball and a bat. Yet, as complex as the American spirit it symbolizes.  ~Ernie Harwell 

The next time you yearn for the sound of a ball being hit by a wooden bat, head out to LaGrave Field to watch the Fort Worth Cats baseball team.  The team, which started playing in 1888, offers lots of thrills for very little money compared to their big league counterparts, and they pack the games with fun for the whole family!

I know baseball games are hard for little kids, which is why I love the Fort Worth Cats games!  They have lots for kiddos to do to stay busy, so mom and dad can have a fun evening out, too!  Check my Mommy Tips for a great time at the game!



1.  Before you go, check their website for promotions, like Friday Night Fireworks, $1 hot dog nights and on June 17th game when they celebrate Dodger, the mascot’s, 13th birthday!



2.  Check Groupon, and compare with the park’s everyday LOW prices.  I purchased a Groupon for our visit, which gave me a great seat on the Saturday night we visited. However, on Sundays, EVERY seat is only $5.00, $2 less than the 50% off I saved on Groupon.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram Press Pass gets you 2 for 1 tickets.



3.  LaGrave Field is sandwiched between Downtown Fort Worth and the Fort Worth Stockyards, so there are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat before the game, or you can get an amazing cheeseburger from Greasemonkey, or a ballpark hot dog from a vendor!   No outside food or drinks are allowed inside the ballpark.

  • My AWWWW moment; A father and his young children were sitting behind us, and he bought them each a box of crackerjacks, their first time to ever eat it!  They were so excited when they found their prize!

4.  Don’t forget your baseball glove!  The smaller venue gives you plenty of chances for catching a foul ball!   There is also a grassy area behind the 3rd base dugout where kids can play catch, etc.


5.  My 6-year-old LOVES the “CAT BOX”, a large sandbox for the kids!  We always pack a few sand toys, and he stays down there playing while I watch him and the game from above.


6.  There are also carnival type games for the kids.  The games are FREE, and although you don’t win a prize, my kids didn’t mind at all.  They can play as many times as they want!

7.  We always see lots of kids celebrating their birthday at the games!  They have group and birthday specials, and if you schedule ahead, they can even throw out the first pitch!

  • Arrange to have your party in one of the original LaGrave Field dugouts (next to the players) and watch the game right on the field!
  • For a very affordable party, celebrate on a Sunday and purchase $5 tickets for everyone!



8.  Let the kids dress up!  My daughter put on her kitty ears from Halloween and drew a few whiskers on her face with a marker, and got a hug from Dodger, the Cat’s mascot!  Of course, my camera and I were on the OTHER side of the park when it happened!



9.  After the game, they allow kids onto the field to run the bases.  The reason my photo is so blurry is because I am truly a kid at heart, and they don’t check ids, so I ran, too!

  • I always enjoy a place more when I know a little of its history.  The home plate of LaGrave Field is in the same place as the original LaGrave Field, which was built in 1926.  The stadium also kept the original dugouts, which makes LaGrave field the only baseball park in America with 4 dugouts!  Something to check out while you are running the bases.

10.  LaGrave Field backs up to the levee of the Trinity River, and you can see people walking and bike riding along the Trinity Trail.  It was so neat to see a family on horseback stop and watch a few pitches just as the sun was setting.  On Friday night home games, you can catch a FREE fireworks show from the trail, too!

Click HERE to visit the Fort Worth Cats website, to see their schedule, prices and more.

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun! 



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  1. Thank you for adding these photos from the stadium plus mentioning the 4 dugouts. Please keep this post up to show how fans had fun even during the team’s last season in 2014.

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