Build It Garage Exhibit, Perot Museum, Dallas

It’s amazing the things kids can create given just a few materials, patience and time to be creative.  The Perot Museum in Dallas seems to understand, and want to nurture this idea.  On June 21st, they launched their newest exhibit, Build It Garage, which will run through August 17th.  Young and old visitors alike are encouraged to let their “inner engineer” run wild with these fun and interactive building stations.



In The Big Race, everyone gets to be a Cub Scout and build a Pinewood Derby race  car.  Car bodies, washers, straw axles and dowel rods are provided, as well as a never-ending supply of hot glue (you are required to sign a waiver before entering, and for good reason).


They offer building suggestions, but your car is your own.  Unlike Cub Scouts, there are no weigh-ins, and you can add as much weight as your car can hold.  An official Pinewood Derby track lets you race against your family, friends and other guest, and you can take it home with you when you leave!  We quickly saw friendly competitions arise between strangers.  It also seemed to bring out the best in people, as when my 6 year old’s car fell and broke in half, a couple of boys we didn’t know quickly built him another one!  Love those sweet boys!



I felt terrible when I smoked them the next race with my own tinker-toy like, tongue depressor racer!


As if car building ever gets old, there is also a paper airplane and paper rocket station.  Once built, you can launch your creation with an automatic launcher, and mark the distance it traveled!


The Big Idea Project Studio rotates out different activities daily, led by museum volunteers.  On the day of our visit, they had a 3-D Printing Device, which allows you to draw in fine lines of melted plastic.  I love my daughter’s pink guitar, and many visitors made glasses they could wear!

Other projects include soldering, circuitry and robots, flying machines, kaleidoscopes and more!

As much as we love all the exhibits at the Perot, we visited the Build It Garage at 2pm, as soon as we arrived at the museum, and stayed until the museum closed at 6pm.  It’s one of the perks of being a member, knowing we can come back.  Otherwise, there is so much to do at the Perot, be sure you allow all day to see and do everything!

My Mommy Tips:  

  • The Build It Garage is on a timed ticket, and if you leave, even for a potty break, they aren’t suppose to let you back in.  Be sure and take a bathroom break before going in.
  • Admission to the Build It Garage is $2 for members and $4 for non-members, in addition to regular museum admission.  But it’s SO worth it!
  • Arrive early or stay late and visit Klyde Warren, just a short walk from the museum. The park, which is elevated above the highway, offers so much to do.  Click HERE to read a previous post about Klyde Warren Park.


 Thanks for reading, and as always, 

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun! 





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