Polar Plunge on New Year’s Day, Arlington YMCA

There are lots of fun ways to celebrate on New Year’s Eve, but one of the most fun ways to celebrate New Year’s Day is by taking a Polar Plunge!

We took the plunge on New Year’s Day at the Arlington YMCA!


My husband was ready to jump with us, until he found out it wasn’t at a location with an indoor pool!


We arrived about 15 minutes to 9am, the designated time to jump.  It was hard to just stand around, because the temperature was only in the high 30’s.  It was also a little intimidating, because one of the local news stations, NBC5, was there to record the plunge!  My youngest, who is 6, changed his mind and refused to jump with us!


As it got closer to jump time, we slipped out of our coats and lined up at the pool , whose temperature was a chilly 41 degrees!  Some plungers chose the shallow end, but we were among those in the Deep Water Club!


We counted down, 6-5-4-3-2-1, and while some jumped and some dived, my daughter PUSHED me into the pool!  All I could think was that she had BETTER get in, too.  That is, until I hit the water!! It was like a million small needles piercing my skin!


But she jumped in right after me!  What a crazy  great way to start the New Year!


After all the plungers were out of the pool, they had a cannonball contest!  I guess she couldn’t wait to get back in the water!  She enjoyed the attention, especially after getting interviewed for the local newspaper, The Fort Worth Star Telegram.


The Y had something for everyone this morning, and for my oldest son, it was a “chicken yard”, for those afraid of a little cold water!  Now I have something to remind him of the next time I (happily) stand in the Chicken Coop while they ride the Texas Giant at Six Flags.


My youngest was happy to stay inside and eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts.


Afterwards, we all went inside and enjoyed the doughnuts and warmed up with cups of hot chocolate!

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Wishing everyone a Very Happy New Years!! 

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun! 


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