Buffalo Gap Historical Village

Our family loves history, and during a weekend getaway to Abilene State Park, we visited the historic little town of Buffalo Gap, and the Buffalo Gap Historic Village, which is like a step back in time.


Historically significant building have been moved to the village to give visitors a taste of life on the Texas frontier.  My children loved that they could go in and out of the buildings, and we could go at our own pace, taking time to pretend to live and work in many of the exhibits.


The Buffalo Gap Mercantile now houses souvenir and gift shop items.


My little boy learning to tell time with a sundial, which is impressive since he can’t do it with a clock.


My kids enjoyed the original Taylor County Courthouse, where they held court over my youngest as a horse thief.  I sat in the jury booth, and the evidence against him was overwhelming.  He was a little scared as they took him upstairs to the authentic jail, but I pardoned him just in time.


There is also an authentic dentist office and barber shop.  The tour progresses along a time line.


We also spent quite a bit of time in the train depot, pretending to wait for a train which would never come.  I reasserted my promise to myself to take the kids to either San Antonio or El Paso this summer by Amtrack.


However, we spent the MOST time playing at the Cottonwood Flat Schoolhouse and playground!  The two room school was originally built in 1930 and operated in Scurry County.  We enjoyed comparing it to their classrooms, and browsing the books they used.  The playground had a see-saw and a huge merry go round, both which worked to the delight of us all!


As time continues on, we found ourselves at an old Texaco station.  I explained to my kids, 13, 12 and 6, how even in my lifetime, gas attendants would come out to the car and FILL IT UP FOR YOU, check the oil and clean the windshield (a chore only occasionally performed by my husband or oldest).  Because we don’t watch reruns of The Andy Griffith Show, they knew nothing of this now extinct ritual.


Buffalo Gap also has an old bank, post office, printing press and even a chapel.  They are open 7 days a week.

Buffalo Gap Historic Village offers numerous special events throughout the year, and learning opportunities through the Chautauq Learning Series.  Click HERE to visit their calendar of events.

It’s also a wonderful place for special events such as weddings, birthday parties and family reunions and allow professional photographers for a small hourly fee.

The Reddell House (1879) and the Parsonage Guest House (1920) can both be rented for overnight or weekly stays, and although modernized they have the period furnishing and share a swimming pool for guest.

Money Savin’ Momma Tips

Purchase a Round Up Pass, which gives you FREE admission to 6 Abilene area attractions!  Click HERE to read more!

More to do in Buffalo Gap


The picturesque little town of Buffalo Gap lies just south of Abilene, surrounded by the Callahan Divide, a low range of hills.  The town derived its name because buffalo, which at one time roamed the Texas plains in the millions, would traverse through this “gap” like a natural funnel.  The town now embraces its name, and cultural identity.


The Purple Buffalo is a fun little antique shop, offering one of a kind items, including the Buffalo Gap local George Holland’s hand-made egg cooker.  I purchased a whimsical silver spoon wind chime for my husband’s aunt’s garden.


Just as the buffalo did centuries before, artist have thronged (first time I have ever used that word) to Buffalo Gap and their eclectic little shops can be found in Village Art!


After so much fun, and just a few peanut butter sandwiches, we were starving.  What we didn’t know was that one of the best steakhouses was just a few miles up the road, Perini Ranch!

For more information; Click HERE.

So Little Time… (things we didn’t get to do, but want to)

Red Dirt Pavillion for Live Music.  This outdoor music venue host local talent, and some well-known names as well.  Visitors can bring their own lawn chairs and coolers for a night of dancing and good times.


Our trip to Buffalo Gap was part of our getaway weekend to Abilene.  To read more about our trip, please CLICK here.

We visited nearby Fort Griffin State Historical Site in 2011, and had a great time exploring the old fort, camping and fishing along the Brazos River.  To read more about that visit, please click HERE.

Buffalo Gap Historical Village

133 William St, Buffalo Gap

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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