Texas Most Romantic Get-A-Ways

Over the weekend, we had fun on our facebook page, posting some of the Most Romantic Get-A-Ways in Texas.   Facebook followers named their favorites from around the Lone Star State.  Whether you… Continue reading

D.O.R.B.A trail, Cedar Hill State Park

** Please check with DORBA for trail conditions.  Click HERE to visit their website. ** I can’t express how much I love riding my bike. I’m sure it has something to do with… Continue reading

Maddogz Paintball Park, Waxahachie

We are all about family activities. Family bonding experiences. And, sometimes, the dirtier those experiences get us, the better. Because I think that dirt and sweat may just be the glue that holds… Continue reading

Never buy bubbles again, my homemade bubbles solution.

Bubbles! Is there anything more fun than blowing bubbles? It seems we always have bubbles in our car.   They are a staple during a trip to the park or playground.  My youngest… Continue reading

Cody Rocamontes Skatepark, Arlington

My kids have been begging me for months to take them to a skatepark.  Even though it’s Grand Opening Dedication is not scheduled until March 12, 2013, we decided to head out and get… Continue reading

Youth Volunteers at Texas Zoos

Updated Jan. 2016 You would think that with 4 dogs, a cat, a bird, a turtle, a toad and fish tanks my kids would get plenty of practice at the art of cleaning… Continue reading

Texas is a State of Mind…

We love Texas, but apparently so do lots of other states, who have cities/towns named after our Lone Star State!  Check out this list: Texas Valley, NY (Cortland County) Texasville, AL (Barbour County)… Continue reading

Mainstay Farm, Cleburne

We love our annual visit to Mainstay Farm, which is a perfect destination for birthday parties, family reunions, field trips and their annual Family Pumpkin Days and Christmas trees. Check out my Mommy Tips… Continue reading


Have you ever seen a WILD BALD EAGLE?  Once you see one up close (and by that I mean up close enough to determine that it is a bald eagle through your binoculars),… Continue reading

Country Critters, Alvarado

Nestled down a country road southeast of Fort Worth is Country Critters farm and petting zoo.  Open seasonally for Spring and Fall, the family-owned farm is like a visit out to Grandma’s house!… Continue reading

Mineral Wells Fossil Park

Once upon a time, a giant pinata was filled with fossils, and hung over Texas.  When the pinata was broken, fossils rained down over what is now the Mineral Wells Fossil Park.  They are… Continue reading

Burger’s Lake, Fort Worth

Burger’s Lake really isn’t a lake at all, but it is. Confusing?  Well, the water isn’t what you expect from lake water.  Coming from underground, natural springs, the water is cold!  Then it’s micro-filtered, and… Continue reading

crock pot cooking in the car

We are on the road almost every weekend, but  regardless where we are, one of my top mom jobs is feeding my family!  Sometimes it takes a little creativity.  Here is one of my favorite… Continue reading

washing dishes with God

I recently read The Shack, by William P. Young, which was loaned to me by a friend.  I really enjoyed the book, and one of the images that really stood out to me was… Continue reading

Dinosaur Puppets

Meet Lenny the Longneck.  My kids and I had a blast making these cute little lunch bag puppets, then they put on a show for my husband and me. Thanks to Texas Parks… Continue reading