peacock pursuit

Fourteen of us embarked one morning on a wildlife adventure of a different sort.  We were hiking through a nice, suburban neighborhood in Arlington on a peacock pursuit.  It seems that at one time… Continue reading

preschool field journal

My co-teacher and I made these cute little “field journals” for our preschool class as a last day of school gift.  They are adorable, and the idea was totally that of my co-teacher,… Continue reading

River Legacy Paddling Trail

Entrance to the River Legacy Paddling Trail   Know Before You Go Parking is FREE and close to the put-in. Just before we put in, while waiting for my husband to return from… Continue reading

Benbrook Nature Trail

Once upon a time, we set out to go hiking in Benbrook.  I wasn’t familiar with Benbrook, a land where GPS doesn’t seem to work too well.  We never found the trail we set… Continue reading

Zombie Tag by Hannah Moskowitz

So, what if zombies aren’t really mindless creatures bent only on eating your brains, but instead just kinda grumpy and boring?  My kids, who have what I view as an unhealthy fascination with… Continue reading

Rio San Antonio Cruises, San Antonio

You may have walked along the San Antonio Riverwalk, and dined in one of it’s many restaurants, but you haven’t really experienced the river until you taken one of the boat tours! Know… Continue reading

The Witte Museum, San Antonio

My daughter and I have just returned from her 3 day 4th grade field study trip to Austin and San Antonio.  We visited the Witte Museum in San Antonio, which is one of… Continue reading

Texas State Capitol, Austin

We just returned from my daughter’s 4th grade Field Study, a field trip to some of the most historically significant places in Texas.  We had an amazing, if not exhausting time, and I’m… Continue reading

San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site

  The San Jacinto Monument Every lover of Texas history should visit the San Jacinto Monument, where Texas secured her place in history as a free nation!  But there is alot more to do and… Continue reading

Trinity Trail, Fort Worth

If you are looking for a fun place for family bike rides, you have got to visit the Trinity Trails in Fort Worth!  You can ride for miles on the wide concrete trail along the Trinity River.  The… Continue reading

nature shirts

Want a fun summer art project?  Paint t-shirts using stencils made from leaves, flowers, twigs and other items found while outside.  It makes a great activity while camping, at the lake, beach or park! … Continue reading

Texas Drive Ins

Brazos Drive In, Granbury Summer means so many things to me, but close to the top of the list are warm nights at the drive in.  I’ve only been to a couple of… Continue reading

Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center, Cedar Hill

“Lizards don’t bite”, says my know it all four year old, to the herpetologist standing in front of him on the trail at Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center. “They don’t?  Well, what do you… Continue reading

Chalk Mountain (12 miles west of Glen Rose)

Driving along HWY 67, west of Glen Rose is an impressive outcropping of rock known as Chalk Mountain. A roadside park gives a beautiful panorama of the countryside.  Although the town of Chalk… Continue reading

The Trumpet of the Swan by E. B. White

E.B. White does such an amazing job in his books of bringing the animals to life!  Who hasn’t cried for Wilbur when his BFF  passes away in Charlotte’s Web, or cheered for the… Continue reading