10 ways to be nice to others

In the wake of the awful incidents in Conneticut last Friday, I think that many of us are doing some reevaluating of our lives and our priorities.  And we are hugging our children… Continue reading

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

I was thrilled to find some chestnuts at our local grocery store today.  I bought a pound and brought them home, humming all the way…..”chestnuts roasting on an open fire”.  My favorite way… Continue reading

Mainstay Farm, Cleburne

We love our annual visit to Mainstay Farm, which is a perfect destination for birthday parties, family reunions, field trips and their annual Family Pumpkin Days and Christmas trees. Check out my Mommy Tips… Continue reading

Texas Best Sweet Potato 3.14

Do you know what makes me happy?  Well, lots of things make me happy….. puppies and blue skies and clean beaches, tall trees and rainy days and …. and just lots!  But what I’m… Continue reading

Bethlehem Revisited, Waxahachie

The reason I like WORDS so much is that I take such BAD pictures. During the day, with plenty of sunshine, coming from just the right angle, I can manage a few good… Continue reading

Black Friday at Buc-ees

I’m not sure why anyone would want to go to the mall, superstore or toy store on Black Friday. Why would you wait, much less camp, for a store to open? Because you can… Continue reading

Texas ATV Adventures

With my backpack filled with leftover Thanksgiving Turkey sandwiches and bottles of water, we set off on an ATV adventure…..   We rode about 4 hours, and enjoyed our lunch by a small… Continue reading

Sam’s Restaurant in Fairfield

Listen to your Mother.  Or in this case, Mother in Law.  Well, my Mother in Law, not yours.  Unless she has also recommended Sam’s Restaurant in Fairfield.    For a few months, my… Continue reading

Prayer Mountain, Dallas

How can you not love a place named “Prayer Mountain”? Especially with a view like this!! Located in Dallas, (That’s right, Dallas, didn’t you know there was a mountain in Dallas?) on Mountain… Continue reading

Where do you go to recharge your batteries?

In the weeks before a school vacation, I spend countless hours planning where we will go and what we will do.  I feel that the minute the bell rings, it’s like a starting gun. … Continue reading

Prairie Lights 5K, Grand Prairie

For more holiday seasons than I can remember, we have loaded up the car with our kids, and other people and their kids, along with blankets and hot chocolate, and set off to visit Prairie… Continue reading

Fort Worth Nature Center

Fort Worth is known for longhorn cattle and the Stockyards, but located on the shores of Lake Worth, the Fort Worth Nature Center offers visitors a glimpse into what the area looked like… Continue reading

Lost Creek Reservoir State Trailway

We went on a family bike ride yesterday, and today…. ouch! The place where my bike seat and my body meet is kinda sore!  So are my legs, and my arms from riding on… Continue reading

Danielle’s yummy mashed potatoes

I’m a firm believer that that my children MUST spend Thanksgiving with me when they are grown and have their own families….. I apologize now to my future son and daughters in laws, but… Continue reading


Have you ever seen a WILD BALD EAGLE?  Once you see one up close (and by that I mean up close enough to determine that it is a bald eagle through your binoculars),… Continue reading