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Mainstay Farm, Cleburne

We love our annual visit to Mainstay Farm, which is a perfect destination for birthday parties, family reunions, field trips and their annual Family Pumpkin Days and Christmas trees. Check out my Mommy Tips… Continue reading

Bethlehem Revisited, Waxahachie

The reason I like WORDS so much is that I take such BAD pictures. During the day, with plenty of sunshine, coming from just the right angle, I can manage a few good… Continue reading

Black Friday at Buc-ees

I’m not sure why anyone would want to go to the mall, superstore or toy store on Black Friday. Why would you wait, much less camp, for a store to open? Because you can… Continue reading

Prayer Mountain, Dallas

How can you not love a place named “Prayer Mountain”? Especially with a view like this!! Located in Dallas, (That’s right, Dallas, didn’t you know there was a mountain in Dallas?) on Mountain… Continue reading


Have you ever seen a WILD BALD EAGLE?  Once you see one up close (and by that I mean up close enough to determine that it is a bald eagle through your binoculars),… Continue reading

Hoblitzelle Camp and Conference Center, Midlothian

My oldest son, who is twelve, has had to run for a lot of things.  He has had to run after his little brother, who is always taking off.  He has had to… Continue reading

Country Critters, Alvarado

Nestled down a country road southeast of Fort Worth is Country Critters farm and petting zoo.  Open seasonally for Spring and Fall, the family-owned farm is like a visit out to Grandma’s house!… Continue reading

Living History Days at Fort Griffin

Stepping back in time….     Fort Griffin State Historical Site came alive as they celebrated Living History Days!   Vendors dressed in period clothing display their handmade wares.  My daughter bought a “housewife”,… Continue reading

Mineral Wells Fossil Park

Once upon a time, a giant pinata was filled with fossils, and hung over Texas.  When the pinata was broken, fossils rained down over what is now the Mineral Wells Fossil Park.  They are… Continue reading

Brazos Bend State Park

We spent the weekend camping, playing and not fishing at Brazos Bend State Park, located about an hour south of downtown Houston!  We had an amazing time, just look at all there is… Continue reading

Preschool Discovery Class at the Fort Worth Nature Center

The Fort Worth Nature Center is one of our favorite hang outs.  Located on the far west side of Fort Worth, along the shore of Lake Worth, there are lots of quiet hiking trails, … Continue reading

Dallas Zoo Nature Journal Contest

Each summer the Dallas Zoo holds a nature journal contest in their Nature Exchange at the Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo.  The zoo chooses from a one page submission of a contestant’s nature journal, the entry… Continue reading

Galveston Duck Tours

While I love the beach at Galveston, so much that my husband and I were married there, I also appreciate the history of the island.  There are sooo many fun tours you can… Continue reading

Cleburne’s Burger Bar

“When a cheeseburger is really good, you don’t mind standing up to eat it!” That’s what I told my boys when we had lunch at the Cleburne Burger Bar, located at 109 N.… Continue reading

Burger’s Lake, Fort Worth

If you have never been to Burger’s Lake, just stop reading now! Get away from the computer, go find your swim suit, and just GO!! Burger’s Lake really isn’t a lake at all, but… Continue reading