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I’ve decided I’m going on the Pickleball Pro. Circuit. Of course, first I’m going to need to learn how to play pickleball, so I signed up myself and my husband, who grumbles about these things but always goes and has a great time, for a Newbie Night at Chicken N Pickle in Grand Prairie. Now I made this grand decision one afternoon in September, but the Newbie Nights were all booked until early November, by which time I’d changed life goals at least 10 times, but as the night of the class came nearer, I was still intrigued enough to want to learn more.

Chicken N Pickle in Grand Prairie Pickleball Court

We’d been to Chicken N Pickle several times to eat and play corn hole, and just sit out on their awesome patio with friends, but I’ve made a decision to hold off on my restaurant post throughout the staffing and delivery shortages because things change daily. One of those awesome evenings was when my girlfriends and I attended a Halloween Concert at Dallas’ Frontiers of Flight Museum, then decided to stop off at Chicken N Pickle for dinner and drinks. We were quite the sight on that early October evening as the four of us came walking in dressed as witches, tall black hats and long capes flying behind us! We were a favorite among the little children there who wanted to play cornhole with the witches!

But Pickleball is another thing entirely.

There were 7 of us at the Newbie Night. While there are outside courts available, we were playing inside, which was very comfortable. We broke up into 4-somes, with one of the instructors playing with our group. We were taught to dink, lightly batting the ball back and forth over the net while staying out of the “kitchen”. We also learned the two acceptable techniques for serving, either from your hand or a bounce on the ground. We were shown how the game is played and eventually played a game. During the game we were taught how to score, the game is played to 11. Who serves when was the most difficult for me to understand, but we had a blast!

Well, I had a blast. I’m the least competitive person ever, just there for the fun. My husband was a little fussy about being skunked, so he’s looking forward to learning to be a better player, or maybe for a new doubles partner. But it does offer something for everyone. In fact, just as we were getting the hang of dinking the wiffle ball, the court next to us was filled by 4 men, late 20’s to early 30’s, who must have confused Pickleball with Raquetball, with a fast and aggressive game, giving us a completely different perspective on dinking, how the game is played and proving that Pickleball is fun for everyone!

While there is no limit on how many times you can attend Newbie Night, and I probably need another night just to refine my understanding on some of the rules before joining the Professional Pickleballers Association, or whatever they’re called, Chicken N Pickle makes it easy to play. In addition to just grabbing 3 friends and renting a court, they offer fun open play times for only $5 where you can meet other players and get in some fun play time. They also have a ton of other events, including meet ups, skills and drills, beginner clinics, private lessons, King of the Court, Make Friends Mondays, leagues, and much more! Some cost a little, some are free (drills) and some are pricier. But I’m willing to bet all are fun.

Afterwards, my husband and I had a nice date night with dinner and drinks in the Chicken part. In the gameroom, which was completely empty on the rainy Monday night, we spent another half hour playing ping pong and watching a Professional Tag Tournament on one of their many televisions. I had no idea Professional Tag was even a thing! I love tag, and thinking that may be my real life’s calling! We’ll see.

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Chicken N Pickle

2965 S. Hwy 161, Grand Prairie TX

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