11 of the Best Haunted Houses in Texas 2019

Are you ready to be scared?  From the Panhandle to the Gulf, here’s a list of some of my favorites across the state, and what makes them each unique, regardless of if you like your Fears to be mild or wild! 


Image courtesy of Cutting Edge Haunted House

Personally, I enjoy going through haunted houses, but I don’t really get scared until the lights go off and they start introducing some physical fears!  I know the chain saws aren’t real, but I crave a good dark maze, foggy room or a light rain or foam pit.  I love the new sensory experiences that Haunted House developers are introducing, but I always send my kids in first to check it out for me!  I hope you enjoy these as much as we enjoyed them!

1.  Creepy Hollow Haunted House, Rosharon is just scary, good fun!  3 haunted houses, plus an escape room (which is open year round), and entertainment while you wait.  Something a little different is that the spooks can and will lightly touch you, or possibly remove a hat, etc from you.  Be prepared!

2.  Cutting Edge, Fort Worth   A haunted house set inside an old meat packing plant, you really don’t even need to add details to make this horrifying, but the Cutting Edge has paid a huge amount of attention to details!  Lines are long, but the experience last anywhere from 45-an hour once you get inside, with some waiting to advance.  Dark mazes and a terrifying bubble room (which you can bypass) are the highlights, as well as great entertainers along the way!

3.  Dark Hour Haunted House, Plano   I love that this Haunted House has a theme, the Witch of Coven Manor, and all the shows are built around this storyline.  Time inside the attraction is about a half-hour, and has great scares and really good props and actors!  They also have shows during the year, including Valentine’s Day, July, December and St. Patrick’s Day.

4.  Doc Wilkes House of Horrors, Longview    This is a fun haunted house that is appropriate for some children.  It last about 15 minutes, and there are good thrills without anything over the top!  It’s your good, basic haunted house that most people are looking for!

5.  House of Torment, Austin  A haunted complex by the same folks who do the 13th Floor in San Antonio, this is so much fun for a full evening!  They have a tavern to buy drinks, live music, axe throwing and mini escape rooms, in addition to the haunted house!  Be sure to arrive early for better parking and to have time to do everything.

6.  Reindeer Manor, Red Oak  Also a Haunted Complex, Reindeer Manor is a fun time, with live music, shows, 4 Haunted Houses and tons of fun!

7.  Screams Halloween Theme Park, Waxahachie  The largest of all the Halloween Parks, Screams incorporates so much more than just 5 Haunted Houses, with live music and shows, games, rides and dark-arts vendors.  The actors roam the entire park, not just the houses!  Suggested for children 16+ in 2019, but there will still be younger children everywhere!

8.  Scream Hollow, Bastrop  I still think I’m suffering PTSD from the Wicked Darkness Maze, definitely the most terrifying one I’ve visited.  This is a fun complex with a Vampire Bar, live music and 4 Haunted Attractions.  Seriously, the only HH where I’ve watched as people consistently ran out with wet pants.

9.  Terrordome, Houston  A fun haunted house and paintball attraction where you are shooting at a Scary Clown, who sadly doesn’t shoot back.  I don’t want my zombies to shoot back at me, but a pack of psychotic clowns would be great!

10.  Terror Trail Haunted House, Canutillo  I’m really into OUTDOOR haunted houses and trails, and love this one outside of El Paso!  Plus, you can take a VR 3D ride in a coffin to go 6 feet under!

11.  Thirteenth Floor Haunted House, San Antonio   Fun haunted houses but their attraction, The Descent, is a 3-story slide in the dark, and so worth it!  They also have a bar, axe throwing and mini-escape rooms, too.

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