The Chairy Orchard, Denton

I’m all about the little oddities that make life interesting, and the Chairy Orchard boast itself as one of those things that makes life in Denton a little unique!  When the homeowners in this suburban Denton neighborhood got together to put out some old chairs in a vacant lot, something wonderful happened!  The Chairy Orchard was born!


We stopped here on our way home in January, battling dusk and cloudy skies, for just a quick look at the Chairy Orchard, but we were instantly in love, and can’t wait to go back for some pictures with the kids this Spring!


After a weekend camping in Oklahoma, we were all exhausted, but my little guy was happy to pose for a picture!


The amazing thing about the Chairy Orchard is it’s so temporary!  During your visit, you can rearrange EVERYTHING!  Just imagine the amazing teddy bear tea parties you can have here!


The humor at the Chairy Tree is everywhere, and it’s a little contagious, so come with an open mind and lots of creativity…. and a picnic lunch!


Did I mention that it’s FREE, too!  We looked for a donation bucket, but couldn’t even find one!  But they do accept chairs….


In fact, the only limits at the Chairy Orchard is your imagination!  For more great pictures of the Chairy Orchard, please click HERE to visit their facebook page.

Things To Do in Denton


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The historic courthouse square in Downtown Denton is a fun place to spend an afternoon!  We love Recycled Books, especially the books in the basement (travel books), Mad World Records, Atomic Candy and all the restaurants!  LSA Burger Company and a visit to Beth Marie’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor are just about mandatory!

The Chairy Orchard
1426 Churchill Drive, Denton
Click HERE to visit their website.

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