Shadow Creek Pumpkin Farm, Midlothian

The Great Pumpkin is going to be busy this Halloween, because there is a new pumpkin patch in Texas!

Shadow Creek Pumpkin Farm just opened for their first season, and we were there for all the fun and festivities on opening day!  In fact, we were waiting in the parking lot for them to open!  With a corn maze, hay rides and lots of activities, my kids couldn’t wait to get out and play!

And yes, I have two teens, who are lucky enough to have a nine-year-old brother to “play” with, and disguise their own desire to play.  They’re still kids, and I’m thankful that they choose a day at the Pumpkin Patch with their family over Six Flags with their friends!


There are LOTS of pumpkins at Shadow Creek, and they’re all arranged in really cute little displays, perfect for shutterbug moms like me!  If you have toddlers, enjoy your opportunities to get these cute photos now, because once they’re school-age, it’s TORTURE to drag them away from the fun to say “cheese”!


Here’s how Shadow Creek Works.  It’s $5 to park your car and that includes admission into the farm for the whole carload!

You’ll need a $5 token for the hay ride and the corn maze, but everything else is included!  So, plan to spend about $10/person, plus $5 parking.  And don’t forget money for drinks and food!  They only take cash, something I never have on me, and we had to make a quick drive (NOT) to an ATM machine in town for more cash for their pulled pork sandwiches!

Don’t spend all your cash on tokens.  Only the hay ride and corn maze take tokens.  Food, pumpkins, etc all take cash.

$5 Parking is good for all day.


Don’t forget cash for pumpkins, either!


This was the one time I got everyone to slow down, and I love this picture!  Two seconds later they were pushing each other off the tractor…


And then we were off for the hay ride!  A REAL hayride, with hay, and a tractor!


My kids think seesaws are so retro, and about the only place we see them are at farms and pumpkin patches!  When I tell them that we had seesaws on my elementary school playground, shout out to L.F. Smith in Pasadena, they laugh and asked if they still used mules way back then.  Funny kids.


This old slide is definitely retro, and it’s almost mandatory for any  respectable pumpkin patch to have one of these, with seed bags to ride down on, just as farm kids would do!


I’m all about the corn maze!  At about two acres, this one is the perfect size for everyone!

Tip:  Bring a flashlight or glow stick, or buy one at their Market, for after dark!


When you complete the corn maze, you get to ring the bell!


Don’t worry about hauling the biggest pumpkin back to your car, they have wagons you can use, or they’ll load it for you!

Prices range from $2 to $50 for Mega Macks!

Image courtesy of Shadow Creek Pumpkin Farm
They also have a Pumpkin decorating station for $5 and $10, or you can let them decorate the pumpkin for you.  You even get free admission back to the farm to come pick it up!


Your kids will love the little tractor rides, too!  Only my nine-year-old fit, but that didn’t stop my older kids from trying!


Scare crow humor


Pumpkin games!

We visit a lot of pumpkin patches each fall, and there is something unique to each of them!  What I loved about Shadow Creek is what the owners obviously love, too, because it’s right in the name!  The Shadows!  The area around the farm is shaded by LOTS of great big trees!  It’s perfect to just sit back and listen to the live music, enjoy a cold drink, and let the kids play!  It’s even lit up in the evening, which is my favorite time to be there!  Most places I say go early, but here I say go later and plan to hang out!  They have plenty of seating and tables, or you can bring your own chairs!


I love live music, and there was a fun band playing!


The Market sells Shadow Creek merchandise, food and kettle corn.


Thursday – Saturday you can purchase Chick-fil-A sandwiches, and on Sundays they have BBQ, and all the proceeds go to a local charity!

They also have plenty of yummy sweet, pumpkin-inspired treats!  We loved the Mason Jar Pumpkin Pudding and Shadow Creek Smores!

Know Before You Go 

Take cash!  They do not take credit cards and there is not an ATM, and it’s a drive to the closest one!  Take my word for it.

Wear close-toed shoes.  It’s a farm.

Check conditions on their website and facebook page.  If it’s recently rained, you may want to put your kiddo in some little rain boots!

No pets.

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Shadow Creek Pumpkin Farm

1530 Indian Creek Dr, Midlothian

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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