The Robinson Family Farm, Temple

My absolute favorite thing about fall is heading out to spend a day on a farm!  I love to be able to just let my kids run and play, and have fun together!  With big open areas, and plenty to do, Robinson Farm was the perfect place to spend the first weekend of Fall!

Thanks to The Robinson Family Farm for inviting us out!  While they provided us with complementary admission, I was not financially compensated for this post.  As always, all opinions, good and bad, are my own.  And my kid’s.  And my husband’s.  And you get the point.


First off, I love the Temple area!  I like to stick to the back roads, and it’s a wonderful weekend drive, passing plenty of cows, hay fields, cotton patches and even slowed down to admire it all as we passed a guy on a tractor!  Best of all, with fields of grass, and a softly rolling terrain dotted with trees, you get some amazing views!  We stopped once or twice just to look at some cows!


From the moment you arrive at The Robinson Family Farm, you do get the feeling of being invited to someone’s farm for the weekend, minus the chores!  I loved walking into the little farm house to purchase tickets and ask questions, and that we were greeted by Mr. Robinson!  While my husband and kids looked through the gift shop, I was able to pick up our wristbands, which allow you unlimited access to the games, hay rides, maze and much more!


No sooner were the wristbands on my son than he took off for the corn maze, but he was quickly sidetracked by the duck races!  A  favorite of ours, we were all quickly racing each other, but no one could beat my daughter!


It was her 5 minutes of glory, because she was quickly beaten on the archery range, where we took turns shooting poor Jack.


My art is still a little sore from throwing the football!  It’s Fall and Football Time!  We really took advantage of the fact that no one was waiting in line behind us, and we had the best time trying to hit the target!  We had a blast, even though my husband was clear and away the winner here, and bragged the entire rest of our visit to anyone who couldn’t walk away!  I loved that as a family we were all able to play and have fun together!


Each wristband allows you to make ONE sand art, and here again, it was a family thing for us, and we each filled up a little pumpkin with different colored sand designs!

Here’s where life really became tricky for me, because after they were finished, guess who then became the holder of 5 little pumpkins filled with sand?  Yes, me!  It’s one of those times when I MISS the need for a stroller!  Since I was still carrying several waterbottles from when we were playing with the football, my pockets were filled and I kept dropping my phone!  Several times I had strangers run up to me with it, because I never even noticed!  Bring a wagon, or a backpack or something to hold everything and keep your hands free!


Pumpkin Patch

You’re going to need your hands free for all the cute pictures!


I think these should be named “Onion Pumpkins” because that’s what it looked like from across the field!


They had pumpkins of all shapes and sizes!  Rough pumpkins, colored pumpkins and many little gourds!  Best of all, when you purchase a pumpkin, they have wheelbarrows and handy people to carry it out to your car for you!


Enter the Corn Maze!  

We absolutely LOVE Corn Mazes!


At Robinson Family Farm, you’re given a card to punch when you find each of the different shapes, then you turn it in for a prize at the end!  It took us about 15 minutes.

Take your water in with you!


Just a few of the cute photo ops that no one in my family would sit for!


As much as I love Fall and Pumpkin Patches, I was a little sad realizing that this phase of my life will soon done!  My youngest is 9, and while we’ll still have a few more years of fun, my oldest is leaving for college next year!  I just can’t say it enough;  Take the Trip!  Don’t miss a chance to take your kids to at least one Pumpkin Patch a year!  Whether you go to the same one as a Fall Family Tradition, or you get out and go see different ones, it doesn’t matter, but just go!


You’re NEVER too old for a Barrel Train Ride!



After visiting The Robinson Family Farm I’ll never look at a sandbox the same way again!

Because their’s is filled with feed corn!!

Obviously the kids loved it!

And since I had to shed my shoes and walk around in it, let me tell you it’s terrific!  A completely different sensory experience than sand!  And SO cool!


Since my son wasn’t about to get out of the cornbox, and my older two were playing a competitive game of tetherball, my husband and I took a few minutes to walk over to the food stand to get a drink to share under the covered tables!  A southern breeze felt good while sitting in the shade!

They had hot dogs, popcorn, and lemonade.

We had time to look at some of the cute wreaths they sell, too!


But soon enough we were deep in a game of corn hole!


I’ve always preferred washers, something I often played with my parents!


No doubt, one of our favorite activities is Pumpkin Chunkin”!!  My daughter even made it in the furthest wash tub!


We loved the ride around on the hay wagon, too!


We had fun feeding the little goats.  The goat feed takes change, so be sure to bring some quarters with you!


Before we finished our day on the farm, we headed back into the Farm House to look at some of the cute, handmade gifts!  After Christmas is only a few months away!

Know Before You Go 

FREE and ample parking.

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The Robinson Family Farm

3780 White Owl Lane, Temple

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