Coyote Drive In, Lewisville

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I didn’t think they could improve on the Coyote Drive In in Fort Worth when they built the new Coyote Drive In in Lewisville.  As a fan of drive ins,  the Coyote in Fort Worth puts the bar pretty high, and while you can’t beat the view of Downtown Fort Worth from the Coyote, the Lewisville location easily stands on it’s own merits!

We visited after a terrific day out at Little Elm Beach, click HERE to read about it, and watched Spiderman Homecoming.  It was the perfect ending to a wonderful summer day, and although we didn’t stay for the 2nd feature because we were getting back on the road early the next morning, it’s still one of the best values for your money!


Located in Lewisville, it’s off the highway and it’s quiet!  I’m a huge believer in getting there early to get front row!  If you have kids, the drive in movie experience is completely different if you’re sitting on the front row!  The grassy area in front of the screen gives them a place to play before the movie, and space to spread out on a blanket during it!

Each screen has cute chairs available on a first-come basis, another reason to try to arrive early!  If not, don’t forget your own chairs!


I’ll admit I was a little shocked when I saw there was ARTIFICIAL GRASS in front of all the screens!  However, after watching a movie on it, I LOVE it!  We spread out a blanket and laid on it with no worries of ants or crawling bugs, and it was soft!  It may be the only good use of artificial turf I’ve ever seen!


There’s a big area for dining, both inside and out, with plenty of tables!  Before the movie, they had a game on the big tvs, too!

The menu consist of hamburgers, chicken strips, nachos, etc.  There is also a full bar.


Which was great for me because my kid didn’t want to leave the playground!


Image courtesy of Coyote Drive In

While they ALWAYS have radios in the front of the screen, it doesn’t hurt to bring your own, and better than having a dead battery.

If you do get a dead battery, just raise your hood after the movie, and one of the techs on go carts will come over and jump you off.


Image courtesy of Coyote Drive In

Know Before You Go 

I can’t say it enough, arrive early!  Nothing beats getting there with enough time to get a GOOD parking spot, lay claim to your piece of turf, check out the food and playground, and have time to let the kids run around before the movie!

Have fun with it!  Pile blankets in the back of your pickup, or bring air mattresses to lay on to watch it!  We have hammocks on stands, and I think that’s what I’m taking next time we go to a drive in!

No coolers or outside food.  I know, it sucks.

Bring toys.  A football, frisbee and bubbles.  My kids make more friends at the Drive In because of bubbles, so I always bring several of those bubble wands.

Don’t forget the bug spray.

Your tailgate cannot extend higher than the top of your car, so bring a bungee cord to keep it down.


Things To Do in Lewisville


Spend a day on the lake before the movie, or play a round of disc golf at Lake Park!  Click HERE to visit their website.

Spend a day at Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area, hiking, paddling or at one of their incredible learning events.  Click HERE to read more.

Zone Action Park has fun go carts!  Click HERE to read more!


Sneaky Petes has sand volleyball courts, lake access, pools and oh yeah, food.  click HERE to read more.


I like the Hilton Garden Inn in Lewisville, which has an outdoor pool.  Click HERE to visit their website.

Coyote Drive In

1901 Midway Rd, Lewisville

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