Green Meadows Farm, Dallas

Green Meadows Farm, which has been a tradition for North Texas families in Grand Prairie, will be moving this year to Dallas!  Their new location at 6400 W. Red Bird Lane, Dallas is at the much loved Camp Wisdom, a beautiful Scouts Camp!  While I hate to see them leave Lynn Creek Park, I’m really excited for this new location!  They will still bring horses, cows, pigs and many, many more animals this Fall, October 3-30th, and it’s open daily.  It’s a terrific, hands-on opportunity for children to see and touch the animals, while learning a little about them!


Know Before You Go

There is a $2 Coupon on their website, but you must print it off and bring it with you.

They accept cash and credit cards, with a small fee for credit cards.  You will need a little cash for other expenses on the farm.

Apply sunscreen and bug spray before you go.

Don’t forget to bring some water.  There is a concession stand that sells food and drinks!

Wear close-toed shoes.

We visited late on a weekday, and had the farm completely to ourselves.  There are many school field trips scheduled earlier in the day.

Pack a lunch, there are picnic tables around the camp!


Pumpkin Patch

Each ticket is entitled to pick one pumpkin!  The pumpkins are from Pyle Pumpkins in Floydada, TX., so they’re local!



Race through the fun little maze!



We loved all the animals on the farm!  There are Yaks and a Nguni, a breed from Africa, that you can pet and feed!



The highlight for me was getting to actually milk a cow!   We also were able to see them hook up the milking machine, and watch as it milked her!

A few years ago they had a pregnant cow, and we were able to place our hands on her belly, and feel the calf kicking inside!


Baby Calves

My daughter fell in love with this adorable baby calf, only 2 days old!  It was so great to get to go inside and actually pet them!



There are baby pigs, too, but we didn’t go inside to pet them!

One of the pot-bellied pigs is pregnant, and may soon have a litter!


Pig Races

My son loved the pig races, and was able to hold the gate at the finish line!  The young pigs are so cute running across the track!



We were able to hold and pet the ducks, too!  They have grown ducks and babies!

There were even eggs in the duck yard, which should be fertile since there are male and female ducks in the pen!  We’ll know in about 28 days, because my daughter somehow begged her way to letting us take a couple of the eggs with us!  We’re gong to give them to her kindergarten teacher, who has an incubator in her classroom!



There are also grown and baby chickens, which we were able to hold as well!



My son even got to hold one of the turkeys!



But as birds go, the highlight was the Emu!  It LOVES the water, and we were able to hold the water hose and watch it roll around in delight in the water drop!  Of course, my son is now begging me for a baby emu.  Not. Going. To. Happen.



It’s a great day when a bunny sticks it’s little tongue out at you!




Green Meadows Farm

6400 W. Red Bird Lane, Dallas

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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