Sky Vue Drive In Theater, Tyler

There is a magic that happens at a drive in theater, and it doesn’t come from the projector.  It starts in the anticipation of the movie, and ignites like the fireflies that dance in the grass below the screen as darkness approaches!  It’s a completely unique experience, and the Sky Vue is definitely unique in the small world of drive in theaters. Unlike the mega-screens in the larger towns, they have one screen set in what is more a field than a parking lot.  However, the movie and sound quality are great, and even if it wasn’t, just spotting the silhouettes of the deer that came out from the treeline to graze as the movie began was completely worth the price of admission!

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Know Before You Go

They play a double feature every night.

Closed on Thursdays.

Drive In Packing List

Chairs and blankets  – Get creative, I blew up our big air mattress and the kids laid on it!

You can use your car radio, or bring a radio to not worry about your car battery.

Jumper cables, just in case.  The drive in staff can help you if your battery dies.

Jammies!  When the credits start, my youngest changes into his jammies.

The Early Worm Gets the Best Parking Spot

Unlike going to a traditional theater, a drive in isn’t just a stop on your evening itinerary, it’s your entire evening!  I ALWAYS like to arrive early, like when they open early, which in the case of Sky Vue is at 6:30pm.  I get my pick of parking spots, and we bring plenty of toys, football, soccer ball, bubbles, etc., and the kids play in the grassy area by the screen!  I’ll admit to enjoy the pre-movie activities every bit as much as the movie!

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Like any theater, outside food and drinks are not allowed.  They have a nice concession with pizza, popcorn and more.  I was able to order our pizza as soon as we arrived, and request they bring it to us when the movie started, which worked out perfectly!

Unlike traditional theaters, at a drive in spilled or dropped food is an invitation for ants.  We try to keep anything sweet off the blankets.

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Bubbles attract kids, and within minutes we were having a bubble party!  My kids all instantly made new friends, a couple who even hung out and watched the movie with us!

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Sky Vue Drive In Theater

10713 US Hwy 69 N, Tyler

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