The Trains at Northpark, Dallas

Each year around Christmas my father-in-law takes us all to Northpark Center in Dallas to see the The Trains at Northpark!  The kids still love the trains, as do I, but I also love Northpark Center, especially at Christmas!


Know Before You Go

To really LOVE and enjoy the Trains, you need to go when it’s least busy, so you can see and appreciate all the detail!  Early in the season is best.  Weekdays are better than weekends.  Afternoons are better than mornings and evenings are better than afternoons.

We’ve never spent less than 45 minutes, and my youngest, who loves trains, would stay all day.  I’d expect the average visit to be about a half hour.

Restrooms are in the mall, so make a potty stop before going, although they will let you back inside.

Food and drinks are not allowed inside the exhibit.

The exhibit is on the 2nd floor near Nordstroms.

Tom Thumb stores have $1 off discounts.


The trains take you on a journey across the country, from Albuquerque NM with hot air balloons floating overhead to the Nation’s capital!


We talk a lot about the different places the exhibits represent, and things they want to see and places to visit!


Mount Rushmore is depicted in this Thomas display!  A miniature Thomas runs around the track.


We also love the whimsical aspect in the details, such as these little aliens


Big Tex is also there to represent the Texas State Fair!  You can almost smell the corny dogs….

Railcars are available for sponsorship each year.  Visit their website for more information!

The Trains of Northpark are the Ronald McDonald House‘s largest charity event of the year, and has raised over 13 million in the 17 years the trains have been running!  Say what you will about their burgers, Ronald McDonald Houses are a wonderful gift to families!

Make a day of your visit to Northpark!  

Northpark Duck and Turtle Pond is always fun for little kids! Although not meant as playground equipment, the large planters have been used for little children to slide down for generations!

Puppet Theater is a FREE puppet show that performs 7 days a week from Thanksgiving until Christmas!  Children will delight at this funny rendition of Charles Dickens’ Scrooge and Santa and his elves working to finish for Christmas!  Shows are the top and bottom of every hour, 11-8 M-Sat. 12-6 Sunday.

Grab something amazing to eat at either Breadwinners or try the terrific Quattro Leches cake at La Duni Latin cafe and coffee studio.

More to do in Dallas 

During Christmas, head to Highland Park to view the wonderfully decorated homes.  Horse-drawn carriages complete the evening!  Click HERE to read more!

The Dallas World Aquarium is an aquatic wonderland!  Click HERE to read more!

The Trains at Northpark 

8687 N. Central Expressway, Dallas  

Click HERE to visit their website.

Keep Having Fun in the TEXAS Sun!