Battlefield Frontlines Combat Laser Tag, Hurst

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On the morning of my son’s 8th birthday, as we all sat cuddling on the couch before breakfast, my daughter made a prediction to him.  She told him that someone from his family was going to shoot him today, and she was right.

Yes, he was a little freaked out.

But what he didn’t know was that we had plans to visit Battlefield Frontlines for his birthday surprise, a fun NEW lasertag experience in Hurst!

We had a great time, and he LOVED it!  It’s completely different from what you expect from laser tag if you’ve played at an arcade.  This is like stepping into a real Call of Duty game!


Know Before You Go

Walk in Open Play is available, but call or check website for dates and times.

The minimum age is 8, and proof of age may be required, so take along their birth certificate if your child is small for their age.

You’ll be playing with a large group of players, all with varying ages and abilities (which is why they set an age limit of 8).

Dress in darker colors, or at least not white or bright colors.

You really work up quite a sweat, so dress in layers.

Wear close-toed shoes good for running and climbing.

There are cubbies inside the gameroom for your personal items, but you may want to leave purses, etc. locked in the car during the game.

You need to arrive 30 minutes before your game time.  If you are just walking in, call to check game times for that day and arrive 30 minutes before, so you have time to sign releases, etc before the game starts, or you may miss the game and have to wait for the next one.

Skipping the “stuff” and giving experiences for Christmas or birthdays?  Battlefield Frontlines has gift cards!


Before your game, you will go through a short training on how to use the gun, play the games, etc.

The game area is large, with two floors, and many rooms.  The other team will be firing on you from different corners, and from up above!


The staff alternates games, some are short and some are longer, some resemble capture the flag.

Unlike paintball, if you are shot during play, you just have to find the medic box to reenter the game.

12314098_10208024316471251_8160023219732672423_n[1] You can choose to play for 30, 50, 90 or 120 minutes.  We played for 30 minutes, and it goes quickly!  I was really just getting the hang of how to play when our time was up.  I think 60 minutes would be perfect.

Split Up!  We are a family of 5, and we all choose the red team, except my son who immediately went to the blue team.  We had so much fun shooting him!

Game Room

Battlefield Frontlines also has a fun gameroom, with lots of new games!  It’s great for playing before or after lasertag!

Snack Bar

While outside food and drinks are not allowed, you’ll find concession stand food at the snack bar, including Doritos nachos!  There are several small, round tables where you can wait with good book if you aren’t planning to play!

Birthday Parties

Battlefield Frontlines has private party rooms and fun party packages!  We didn’t attend a party, but I did check out the party room.  Wanna see the pricing, click HERE.

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Battlefield Frontlines

924 NE Loop 820, Hurst

Click HERE to visit their website. 

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