Houston Livestock Show, Houston

Chances are, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is the largest event you will ever attend.  On March 14, 2015 they broke their all time attendance record with OVER 180,000 attendees!  By comparison, Walt Disney World’s 4 parks have a combined average daily attendance of 130,000.  Don’t let these numbers scare you, because the Houston Livestock Show is HUGE, and there is plenty to do for everyone!  It’s a terrific time you and your kids will always remember, but to make the most of your visit, check out my 12 Mommy Tips.


1.  Know Before You Go

While it’s implied, if not expected, to wear your best cowboy boots to the stockshow, it’s not required.  Make sure your kids wear comfortable shoes, because there is a lot of walking, and close-toed shoes are a must when walking around animals.

Download the RodeoHouston App for helpful tips while you are at the Livestock Show.  However, getting service at the Livestock Show (and especially the Rodeo) was hit or miss because of everyone is on their phone!

If at all possible, go on a weekday.  The earlier the better.

No outside food or drinks are allowed.

Wednesdays are Value Wednesdays, when you can attend the Livestock Show for $5 or both the Livestock Show and Rodeo for only $10.  There are also food specials and more.  Click HERE to visit the webpage.

For security reasons, you will need to pass through a metal detector before you enter the Livestock Show.  Pocket knives longer than 3″ are not allowed, and it’s a long walk back to your car  truck.  You couldn’t help but feel sorry for the guy in line ahead of us who had one.

2.  Parking

Traffic is CRAZY around the stock show, and parking is going to run you about $30.  Consider the Park and Ride, click HERE to visit the website.

I also like the METROrail, and my kids love riding it!  Click HERE to visit the website.


3.  Pedicabs

If you do choose to park in one of the parking lots around the Stock Show, there are bike taxis that will take you closer to the entrance.  The taxis charge between $5 and $10 a person.  We loved riding as they whipped in and out of traffic, it was the thrilling-est (it’s a word) part of the evening!  But, some of the bike taxis don’t have the required city permits, and the police will stop them.  If you happen to be riding in the taxi when they are stopped, the police will make you get out and walk, and you won’t get your money back.  After watching it happen to someone, I asked the officer and he said you should ask to see their pedicab vehicle permit.

4.  Birthing Center

Imagine your child getting to watch the miracle of life, as a baby pig, lamb or calf is born or a chick emerges from it’s egg, and takes it’s first steps!

5.  Honey Bees

Learn how important bees are to our environment, and every day life!

6.  Petting Zoo 

My kids loved all the animals in the petting zoo!

7.  Pony Rides

It’s $7 for a Pony Ride, which is cheaper than buying them a pony!

8.  Camel Rides

Best $7 EVER!!  Where else can you ride a camel?

Our family has been on a search for a camel named Clarence (nicknamed Clarence the Clearance Camel) that use to live at the Dallas Zoo when they had camel rides.  We would ride him weekly!  We’ve tracked him to several places, but haven’t found him yet.  If you hear of Clarence’s whereabouts, please let us know!  We just want to say hi!

9.  Kid’s Pedal Tractor Pull

My youngest loved racing, until a little girl about 2 years younger beat him!

10.  Mutton Bustin’ 

Your kids, ages 5 and 6, can ride a sheep for $15 in Kid’s County.

There is also Mutton Bustin during Rodeo Houston, but you must register before February for the kids to participate.


11.  The Carnival Midway

Tickets are worth $.50, and most rides are between 4 – 20 tickets.

If you are going to rodeo, don’t try to win a HUGE stuffed animal first! We watched as a heartbroken little girl had to leave her’s behind, because there isn’t room for them in the seats!


12..  The Food

Yes, it’s crazy expensive, and laden with fat, but it’s amazing!  Try a little of everything!

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